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    Question RE: Originality

    Alright, so a large majority of what I do is sleight of hand card magic. It's what I enjoy, and it's what I perform day to day as a working magician. That said, it comes with the territory that much of what I do are sleights invented by other magicians; stuff that isn't necessarily mine, however...
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    Transpo With a Smile

    Oliver Macia uses the same move in the same way to accomplish a transpo effect that's really nice as well. I suggest you check it out.
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    Dont Forget To Live.

    I feel you on that one. The original plan was to film a whole video and what not, but I just didnt have the time in the end. Not enough quality footage to follow that up with, and it seemed wrong to change settings and bring it into my house after that haha. Thanks though! Cheers, Lucas
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    Dont Forget To Live. I filmed this over my vacation. Canoed 8km and hiked 9km just to get there. It was worth it. This video isnt about the cuts, its not about the cards. Just enjoy it. Dont forget to live. Love, Lucas
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    Pointers on "triple packet" pass?

    Dribble block pass?
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    Greetings and a question of morality.

    When buying a product (IMO) you are not only buying the effect, method, dvd, what have you, but you are buying the right to perform someone else's work. Anything that isn't original that I perform, I buy, whether having been shown the method, figuring it out, etc. This, to me, is how it works...
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    I want to quit!

    I'm sorry, but seriously? This is a joke, right? If your argument is "No, no, I swear, it works in real life"... Thats BS. Yes, misdirection helps in real life. Yes, it can cover up little mistakes. Yes, its very important to learn. HOWEVER. You need to know that just because its sleight of...
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    Are you a magician?

    I think you need to really listen to your audience and understand what they're telling you here: Until that point, you had never performed magic for them. I will go ahead and say that you need to re-evalute your performances and look a lot more at the presentation of your effects rather than...
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    5 Points for beginners

    I agree with a lot of this, and think that its good advice in general. However, I think we differ on #3. Argue everything, question everything. When someone tells you to change something, argue with them. This forces you to evaluate your OWN decisions, and think about why you're doing what you...
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    Best Card Magic Book To Get?

    <quote>By Forces Unseen from Stephen Minch <\quote> Second this one. This is one of my favorite books to read when I need to be inspired or want to learn something fun. Mind you, I dont use any of it (the ideas from it; card handling wise, yes, but nothing directly from it). Its something great...
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    Self Working Effects as Closers

    I think that this is the wrong way to approach any type of magic. First off, we shouldnt be basing our magic off of how easy or hard it is. This should be a criterion for deciding if we are going to perform something, or when we are going to perform it. You need to remember that your job as a...
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    Faro Shuffle

    Theres a cool little thing in Richard's Collected Almanac by Gary Goldberg called FIRP. Its pretty badass.
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    An ethics question

    SG, i find it funny you draw the line like this. I would argue that most pirates make less money then people who resell stuff. Most piracy sites essentially share DVDs, programs and what not. They are giving the information away free of charge, therefore they still paid for it, and gain nothing...
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    An ethics question

    Alright, well I've only skimmed through this topic, so excuse me if what I'm about to say has been said, but I dont think it has. I think that when we purchase something, we are not buying the information, nor are we really buying the physical copy of it. We are buying the rights to perform...
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    And how does that make the ACR make any more sense...? How does your presentation justify it? How is it more magical. Theres no point in doing anything that doesnt add more to the magic. It may be an amazing effect, but does it really add more to the magic itself? Just throwing in a sick trick...
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    The whole thing about building an ACR is making sure that it becomes more and more impossible; more and more fair. At first you want them to think "Oh cool, but that was probably just sleight of hand..." but at the end of it, you want there to be no doubt in their mind that it was magic and...
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    Nick Ganesh | Sandwich?

    CR, whether you said "Part of" or not, youre still wrong. Its like the equivalent of being like "Oh hey, that uses part of Chicago Opener!!!" just because it uses a double lift... Technically its not wrong, but its stupid and uneducated, and god knows if anyone ever said that they would get...
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    Business Card Criticism

    I think that having the word magician on your card is actually quite important. Think about it, people collect dozens of business cards in a year. If they want to book you a year and a half later, they should be able to efficiently find your card. Granted the best way to do this is to perform an...
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    Nick Ganesh | Sandwich?

    ...And CR, youre ignorant on magic history. Compression uses the inflated deck principla which Creeper gave you a fairly good history of. Therefore compression uses the method seen in the video, not the other way around. Get it? This doesnt use compression. Youre wrong. Stop acting so cocky...
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