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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. ReservoirRed

    Social Mentalism.

    I watched this video earlier and have been thinking of the possibilities ever since. It's obvious how it pertains to magic and mentalism, so I don't need to explain. A bit scary to some, I personally think it's exciting because of what could be done, and it would be a great way to promote a...
  2. ReservoirRed

    How context shapes content.

    This is one of the lectures from the increasingly popular TED website. It is by one of the all time great skateboarders Rodney Mullen. His approach to skateboarding, his creative process and his insight to creative communities are all things that can be applied to magic or cardistry. In the...
  3. ReservoirRed

    Open Magic Night.

    Whats up guys. I was browsing though a website i dont check often, this came up. Now i doubt i will be performing at it any time soon, I dont have a stage act or any intentions of creating one in the near future. But i was wondering if this is a widespread thing, ive never heard of one...
  4. ReservoirRed


    Hey guys, Im just about to jump in the car
  5. ReservoirRed

    Creative takes on overdone effects.

    Overdone is a stong word, i dont really know if a magic trick can be overdone. But this guy impressed me, I had at least 2 "why didn't I think of that" moments. Also a mercury card fold, there is a thread discussing it at the minute. Enjoy.
  6. ReservoirRed

    More than four times the price of Jerry's Nuggets? Second item on the page. 'Miracles' deck. Did i miss something? I dont follow the rare deck market as closely as most of you but over twelve hundred dollars for a deck of cards? This has officially gotten out of hand.
  7. ReservoirRed

    Ever had a magic related dream?

    Ive had one or two of myself performing. Last night i dream't one of my friends came over with a few decks of brown wynn's he bought in argos (large chain of shops in the UK and Ireland). Only to find they were the cheaper version with the snipped corners and threw a tantrum. In real life he has...
  8. ReservoirRed

    To Arthur!

    This coming thursday is Arthur's Day. One of my favourite dates in the Irish calendar, The birthday of Guinness! It's becoming a very big deal since the 250th celebrations two years ago, with major concerts and events around the country. Im playing at and helping organising a small music event...
  9. ReservoirRed

    New method of making money from magic? Quirky website. I wish someone would post "I will saw your wife in half for 5$".
  10. ReservoirRed

    Misfortune showed me something inspiring.

    Some horrible misfortunes in my personal life has brought me a new understanding for this cardistry as an art concept. Unfortunately I have spent alot of the last month in hospital waiting rooms. Alot of my close friends have been struck with health problems, and it hurts me to say they are all...
  11. ReservoirRed

    Presidential sleight of hand fail

    Czech President caught red handed stealing a pen. Method seems self taught to me.
  12. ReservoirRed

    Gambling Demo's.

    Im wondering if any of you guys perform gambling demo's professionally, I have a few questions, if someone could give me a few pointers id be grateful. Well firstly ill say, i have a short gambling demonstration, 20 minutes currently. But i have numerous effects, so to speak, that are ready to...
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