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  1. Christian.Conaway

    Strongest Card Trick?

    In my opinion effects that seem figuratively "impossible" where the spectator holds and is in charge of the deck give me the best reactions. Anyone who is a fan of the invisible deck should look into irreversible by Daniel Madison. I've had experiences where at the final revelation, the...
  2. Christian.Conaway

    Need Advice please, thank you

    I often perform the 'Burn' routines from Daniel Madison, which involve several gaff cards that will be used to give away to the spectator, or force cards etc. The routine uses about 4 gaffs total and to say the least, palming cards/copping cards away or to the deck is a fantastic way to make...
  3. Christian.Conaway

    Which effect fooled you till this day?

    Id have to say irreversible by Daniel madison. Blew my mind when i had it performed on me, and finally after getting the book see the genius behind it.
  4. Christian.Conaway

    Saturday Night Contest - Stop Motion hope this link works
  5. Christian.Conaway


    So I've been looking through all the triumph routines to find one that seemed suited to my abilities and style and i came across several ideas that I began putting into practice. I am wondering though who developed the move? Because I've simply heard and seen them performed but i would love...
  6. Christian.Conaway

    Favourite Playing Cards?

    In no particular order. -Madison Dealers- for their casino like quality. -Pressers- Vintage look -Monarchs- Just classy overall
  7. Christian.Conaway

    Magic Prints

    I took your advice and made a more connected piece, hopefully this does the trick.
  8. Christian.Conaway

    Magic Prints

    Hello, I was bored for a few days, and was inspired to make a poster for the bare space on my wall. Take a look at what turned out. Any feedback would be great.
  9. Christian.Conaway

    Saturday Night Contest - Something Special

    When I started in magic about two years ago, I unknowingly began a habit that would slowly influence me over the months of practice. I began to keep the signed cards of people I had performed for. But not any random spectator, for me to keep their signed card they had to be someone who had...
  10. Christian.Conaway

    We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

    Well we can all safely assume J.J. Abrams is in on this........
  11. Christian.Conaway

    Just A Thought

    makes sense though now that rick puts it that way. Im not a fan of the cluttered magic cafe forums. So I'll have to agree
  12. Christian.Conaway

    Just A Thought

    So browsing through all the posts and forums threads I slowly noticed something come up. Reading posts everyone can learn what style of magic you're in but thats about it. Now i know obviously these are magic forums!! (would be weird if you couldn't find anything magic related) but I was...
  13. Christian.Conaway

    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 awards

    I think Zach deserved the Title, his contributions to magic through visual aesthetics are incredible. Congratulations!
  14. Christian.Conaway

    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 awards

    Zach Mueller daniel+madison Bizzaro
  15. Christian.Conaway

    Making Card Cheat moves into performances.

    Thanks! I recently saw Richard Turners To catch a cheat videos from the magic castle and his performance gave me a basis on what to do. And as for the greek deal and second deal, I confused them somehow what I intended to say was dealing with a foil card underneath the deck.
  16. Christian.Conaway

    Making Card Cheat moves into performances.

    These past few months I've taken to learning ways to cheat at cards (bottom deals, greek deals, 2nd bottom deals, false table shuffles cuts, variations of palming, deck switches, and card switches). But since cheating at cards is not something recommended by most people I've decided to create a...
  17. Christian.Conaway

    Advice for a Magic Castle Audition.

    So would you recommend the card cheating routine? I plan to make it very showy similar to how Richard Thomas does his card cheat routine. Just not 30 minutes long like his
  18. Christian.Conaway

    Advice for a Magic Castle Audition.

    Hello! Im a 16 year old magician and I'm planning to audition for the Magic Castle Junior Society. Currently I have two routines under 5 minutes but I'm unsure which would give me the edge to be accepted. The first routine is simple (Forced card, a control move, color change, and triumph like...
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