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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. heatedjeans

    Figurine - Card Flourishes

    Hey guys ! here's my new video ! Tell me what you think and ... Enjoy ! :D Thanks !
  2. heatedjeans

    Later Gator - Card flourishes

    Hey forum ! Here's my new video Enjoy and Tell me what you think ! :D
  3. heatedjeans

    Jerry Nugget or Wynn

    Hey ! i am now able to buy either Jerry Nugget or Wynn (i wish i could buy both) . So my question is , do you recommend to purchase Wynn or Jerry Nugget ? i'm using the deck for flourishing , not magic :) They both looks awesome to me . Which one is better ? Thank you :D
  4. heatedjeans

    Mmm yeah

    Hey forum ! new video by me . haha featuring some of my original flourishes . Tell me what you think ! and Enjoy :D
  5. heatedjeans

    Error again

    Hey ! I notice another error in your site . Correct me if i'm wrong , but why is there 2 Hugh Scott Shuffle in the trick Section (page 11) ? So do i get a price this time ? haha Thank you :D
  6. heatedjeans

    Cardistry :: lick it.

    Hello forum ! Here's my new video Tell me what you think ! Enjoy :D
  7. heatedjeans

    Quadrant or Rapture

    Hello guys ! Between both of this products , Quadrant by Brandon David & Chris Turchi and Rapture by Edward Boswell , which one is better and should i buy ? they both have pretty much the same plot . Thanks (:
  8. heatedjeans

    Cardistry Video

    Hey Guys ! My cardistry video . Tell me what you think and how i can improve ! Thanks !
  9. heatedjeans


    Hello forum ! Today is the last day of the long 1 month school holiday (: thought i could make this day special by making a video . Enjoy and tell me what you think !
  10. heatedjeans

    INSANE by Andy Nyman

    Hello forum ! Is it just me , or do i feel like INSANE need a second phase ? don't get me wrong , i love the effect really . But i just think it's missing like a 'kicker ending' feeling or something . Anyway , it's a nice effect !
  11. heatedjeans

    Coin Through Shirt

    Coin Through Shirt > My Soft Area > Hi, Correct me if i'm wrong , but isn't Coin Through Shirt by Rick Lax the same as My Soft Area by Bizau Cristian ? or are they different ...
  12. heatedjeans


    Hello do you notice an error at the 'New Releases' section at the T11 homepage ??? It state ''Transcode by Alan Rorrison'' . Correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't the creator of the effect Mathieu Bich ? Thank you (:
  13. heatedjeans

    Lit and Smoke

    Hello , I don't want to combine Lit by Dan Hauss and Dan White with Smoke by Alan Rorrison together . So my question is , do you think using Smoke as a lead on to Lit is better or vice versa and why ?? Appreciate your help . Thank you R,
  14. heatedjeans

    DnD's Youtube Channel

    Hello , In case you didn't know , here is the link to the Dan and Dave's new Youtube Channel > Don't forget to Subscribe :D Bye .
  15. heatedjeans

    FOURFIT :: Restoration #1 Hello guys ! What do you think of this tnr ?? Pretty cool right ?? The moment when I see he restores the first piece, flicks it and turn that piece around , it immediately caught my attention . This effect is created by Reuben Moreland...
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