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    Toledo, Ohio

    you shouldve asked that question 2 years ago when I was going to the university of toledo, since then I transferred to ohio state.
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    Who is Anonymous?

    wow, that tattoo gave it away lol
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    Where you from?

    Columbus, Ohio- United States
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    Magicians at OSU?

    no clubs man, just me and a couple others that I know of.
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    Magicians at OSU?

    I go to Ohio State-Columbus, so you should definately hit up magifest. If you have any questions about it shoot me a pm or visit
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    Cards at School

    when I was in high school cards weren't allowed so I just performed a trick for the teacher first. Then they didn't care that I had cards. They don't want to stop card tricks they want to discourage gambling. So, if you perform for the people who would get you in trouble, they should leave...
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    Illegal Download Poll

    wow, I never thought of downloading magic torrents, Thanks for letting me know! seriously this thread should be deleted before you give too many people the idea that they can get a lot of this site's products for free
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    Magic Movies

    These aren't in any order but I hope this helps. 1. The Prestige 2. The Illusionist 3. Magicians (It is a british film about a magic convention, very funny) 4. Smokin Aces 5. Shade 6. Next (Nick Cage plays a magician, not much magic, but still interesting)
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    Finding a "Gem"?

    my "gems" are the ones I love to perform. The tricks that I still enjoy even after doing them for years. The "gems" I have are the tricks I can perform in my sleep because I know them so well. They are so ingrained in my brain that I don't even think about the moves, the moves are second...
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    Aaron Fisher + Wayne Houchin :: MAGI-FEST 2009

    you can buy one day admissions if you want to just attend one of the days. Or you can always just come hang in the lobby since there are many tables where people hang out and session in between the shows and lectures. If you have any other questions send me a pm or check out the site...
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    Nursing Home:

    just goes to show you that when you do good things, good things can happen to you
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    Aaron Fisher + Wayne Houchin :: MAGI-FEST 2009

    You made a wise decision. see you there
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    Critique Needed Please

    nice video, you already said your working more on the performance so I don't know what else could better the video. The handling was spot on.
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    Convention question

    1. yes they do 2. No, I have never seen a convention where you are required to stay at the hotel. 3. A chance very close to 100%, for example at magifest, there are plenty of tables in the lobby for people to session and everyone hangs out and shows tricks so the only thing stopping you from...
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    Aaron Fisher + Wayne Houchin :: MAGI-FEST 2009

    hey, I go to Ohio State which is in Columbus so I'll be there. Magi-fest is awsome!
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    Religious Themed Act

    be careful to keep it educational and not "poke fun" at any religion. You may not be religious but try not to offend anyone or that could really ruin a performance.
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    Magic Shops in Orlando?

    Ah, it would be nice if there were a few good shops in Orlando since I going to be living there for six months starting this march. Oh, well.
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    MAGIC WEEKEND - Featuring Aaron Fisher

    45 dollars is pretty cheap for the weekend, which is surprising to include lunch! If I only wasn't already going to a convention in February
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    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions for 2009

    It's not what BT is or what BT stands for, its bigger than that. BT will change the world of magic for years to come.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions for 2009

    no, this is something different. word count
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