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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Ramo D.

    Name this trick?

    nvm found it
  2. Ramo D.

    New Paper Crane Magic

    just browsed the site and saw this this is really cooll
  3. Ramo D.


    Hey guys this thought has cross my mind a few times in the past couple of weeks and i was just wondering if there was a such thing like as a magic sponsorship kinda like how skate boarding sponsorships happen but like for magic obviously its seems like a pretty good though for an up and comer...
  4. Ramo D.

    Fun with Vegas

    had some fun with sony vegas 8 this was was originally supposed to go in a longer video ..but hey what the hell who cares tell me what you think
  5. Ramo D.


    hey guys check out my video and tell me what you think
  6. Ramo D.

    Hedbergs Peak

    tell me what you guys think
  7. Ramo D.

    5 Speed//Performance me performing 5-speed at venice beach this is a pretty funny performance because this old lady just walks up out of nowhere and trys to heckle me @ 0:21 she thought i was doing magic for money @ 1:19 she starts the heckling @ 1:43 she...
  8. Ramo D.

    quick question

    im fairly new to the whole "cardistry" flourishing scence and i wanted to know who invented L cuts and where can i learn it?
  9. Ramo D.

    A Week Ago

    some people might say this thread is pointless but i wanted to share a story with you guys so about a week ago i was performing for some friends i just met at school and in transition to another trick i just decided i would do the sybilism cut (dan and dave plug) and one guy just blurted out...
  10. Ramo D.


    ey guys i created a tnr a while back and i need some help o creating a name for it any body got any ideas? if this helps its gimmick-less
  11. Ramo D.


    okay so i'm headed to vegas on the 6th of june and i was wonder like where are good magic shops to visit and jam or perform for them anybody any good places
  12. Ramo D.

    New :: Video

    hey guy tell me what you think of this by either commenting on this thread or on the video (preferably the video) um yea the intro is kinda dumb but still ....ok anyway here p.s my bad for the bad quality its still kinda uploading
  13. Ramo D.

    No New 1-on-1 This Week?

    t11 no new 1 on 1 this is what i look forward to what a downer:( they didnt even give us a wrning
  14. Ramo D.

    Re-charge heres a performance video of me tell me wat you guys think and watch in high quality cuhz youtube sucks lol
  15. Ramo D.

    New Video

    hey guys tell me what you think of my new video
  16. Ramo D.

    Jackson Five

    ok so me and one of my friends got into an argument because i told hem there were 6 phases in the jackson five and he said there were only five ergo the name so for the record i want to know how many phases and which cuts are used and in order if you know and the little display thing at the end
  17. Ramo D.


    ok so i have all 3 books of aoa by paul harris and i was just wondering wat are some of your favorit effects and wat page and book might i find them in thanks alot guys
  18. Ramo D.

    New Discovery

    i was just watchin the daniel garcia project vol.1 and while Danny was doin the trick satisfaction guaranteed in the bar at the end of the dvd i saw dan buck as shis camera yea i built all yall up for that one fact and this is getting closed...
  19. Ramo D.

    Dang this is good

    i just found this on the D&D forums hope you like
  20. Ramo D.

    I got robbed...

    i came home today after a long day in downtown l.a i come home and my room is trashed every single one of my decks (except the one in my pocket)were gone and when i say gone i mean like super mind freak smoke and mirrors gone this is gay all of my cards are gone including my everythingelse dvd...
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