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  1. Ned Devine

    Tricks with the Chinese shuffle?

    Hello friends! I am asking for your guidance once again. I am a fan of Si and have been from the beginning. Anyway my question, I am looking for tricks involving the Chinese Shuffle. More a disguise for its use in front of a spectator, this is mainly for me and not for a performance. Just...
  2. Ned Devine

    Little Help with Parlor Magic.

    Thank you for your insight! I appreciate it. I’ll take a look at some of the stand up card stuff. I am definitely more comfortable with cards and coins :)
  3. Ned Devine

    Little Help with Parlor Magic.

    Seriously, Thank You! This is some excellent advice. I really, really appreciate it. Mind if I PM you if I have additional questions?
  4. Ned Devine

    Little Help with Parlor Magic.

    Hello Friends, I am in need of some advice on a small gig I am doing for a friends restaurant. My friend owns a restaurant and they are going to have a comedian do a show and wanted me to do some magic (5-10 minutes) before to warm up the audience. I have never done magic like this before...
  5. Ned Devine


    Hello! I agree with David on all matters. my two cents however, I think it was Ortiz that said it does not matter what stack you memorize as long as you memorize one. I would suggest learning something quite simple that does not require memorization (Si Stebbins) first and then if you like...
  6. Ned Devine

    Need a little help with magic trick...

    Try looking into Rough and Smooth principle. Not sure what else to suggest unless I know more about the product/gimmick. PM me for more ideas.
  7. Ned Devine

    Cheap Switch Deveices

    If its just a coin then I would suggest some envelopes. Might want to check out some mentalism resources for envelopes, not sure what size but anything that will fit a business card should work. Possibly look into Sankey's paper-clipped for other ideas of switching out envelopes that have some...
  8. Ned Devine

    Si stebbins walk around!

    Thank you for the recommendations I really appreciate it! I’ll check out the lecture :). also have you seen the Woody Argon effect from his book A Book in English? It’s really easy and awesome, however I do like the DJT one as well.
  9. Ned Devine

    Si stebbins walk around!

    Thank you for some recourses! I appreciate it, I always like learning new stuff about stebbins. By any chance do you know the name of the tosses out deck from Redford?
  10. Ned Devine

    Si stebbins walk around!

    Hello friends! I am going to try something new for myself. Over the last two or so years I have been doing coins almost exclusively. I think I am very competent at walk around with coins and some basic card effects (ambitious, card to pocket, ect...). I have never done thing with walk around...
  11. Ned Devine

    Coin levitation help

    I know I’m a bit late to the show but Tom Wright has a project called Oblivion. It’s my go to coin float, not the same as the clip but very, very strong. It uses an ITR so make sure you got one of those. hope it helps, -Ned
  12. Ned Devine

    Coin gimmicks make me so frustrated.

    Thank you for sharing all of your advice, experience, and purchases for me to learn from! I just about lost it once I dropped the TUC and it was useless. I was always interested in sucker punch but I rarely do thing on camera. I book a lot of wedding and parties in the spring and summer so I...
  13. Ned Devine

    Coin gimmicks make me so frustrated.

    Hello Friends! I do apologize if this seems a bit...whiny, but man am I frustrated right now. I have been doing a lot of coin magic the last two years and I have been getting to a point where I wanted to get my hands on some nice Gimmicks. So I went out and Bought some beginner coin...
  14. Ned Devine

    New to ITR. Hopefully for some advice.

    Hello Friends, mad the title says I’m new to ITR as well as most IT related things. I’m asking for some resources, ideas, routines, people to check out, ect... I just got gifted a SPP from a friend and I have no idea how begin with the device. I’m a coin guy and not much into cards so IT...
  15. Ned Devine

    Is there a place to get used/discounted card magic books

    Amazon used has a lot of classics for cheap. I picked up An old copy of bobo’s and encyclopedia of card tricks for under $5 each.
  16. Ned Devine


    The strongest routines are ones you create and tweak with for years. That’s my opinion at lease. As far as books go would suggest Bobo’s mainly because I am a coin guy and I feel my magic overall got better while practicing coin magic. the most important part of that book is the routine...
  17. Ned Devine

    It’s that time of year again.

    I’ll check it out! And thank you for linking me to the archive, I always forget about it.
  18. Ned Devine

    It’s that time of year again.

    Will do! I’ll check both out for sure!
  19. Ned Devine

    It’s that time of year again.

    Hello Friends, It’s that time of year again where I challenge myself to a new aspect of magic. Last year I put the cards down and studied coins. I am still studying them because I have a long way to go haha. I am still going to put the cards down and I have picked up a TT, if there is any...
  20. Ned Devine

    What is the best cheap mentalism tool?

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