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  1. DavidMisner

    Art of Magic - Release Party : June 27th

    Hey guys, just want to let you know about the release party for Wayne Houchin's Art of Magic DVD. It will be held at Grand Illusions Magic Shop in Carmichael, California, at 1 PM. The address is below. 7704 Fair Oaks Blvd Carmichael, CA. 95608-1706 Yes, Wayne Houchin will be there...
  2. DavidMisner


    Hey guys, I'll be in Reno from June 18th to June 22nd. I'll probably have some free time, so if anybody wants to meetup or knows of any good places to hang out, let me know.
  3. DavidMisner

    California Meetup

    Hey guys, might as well post this here. I'm trying to organize a meetup for us California guys, even though it will probably end up just being the Bay Area and NorCal people. As of now, no date is picked. I'm trying to plan this around everybody's schedules. Most likely it will take place in...
  4. DavidMisner


    Hey guys, I recently rediscovered my DeviantArt page, as well as got a new Olympus E-510 digital camera. As a result, I've been taking a lot of pictures and would love comments and feedback on them. Check out my deviantArt site here: Enjoy!
  5. DavidMisner

    Xpell and Solid Reviews

    Solid and Xpell are two effects for sale at Kevin Parker's website, illcenter. Solid is a visual borrowed soda tab link onto borrowed necklace, and Xpell is a startlingly visual card to box. Solid Teaching The teaching is fairly good. Kevin does a decent job explaining the effect, although...
  6. DavidMisner


    Probably my last two (public) videos for a while. Moose Eh? David
  7. DavidMisner

    Thread Release Party : Nov. 22nd - Carmichael, CA

    Hey guys, not sure if this is common knowledge, but a friend asked me to post here. On November 22nd, there's going to be a Thread release party at Grand Illusions in Camrichael, CA. The Houchey master is going to be there. And cake. Yay. EDIT:Steve has just informed me that the date has been...
  8. DavidMisner


    Hey guys, just wanted to get some feedback on a logo I've been playing around with. I wanted to use my initials, and make it original and streamlined. This has been a concept of mine for a few months, and I finally found a good font to use. Check it, give me some feedback. David PS. Sorry...
  9. DavidMisner


    If you guys have seen my original David meets Mikey video, this might excite you. DmM2+Wtpr I realize this is coming out about the same time as MW2008, but my intention was not to copy Allan. Enjoy! David
  10. DavidMisner

    Grand Illusions

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know I'll be at Grand Illusions in Carmichael, CA on Saturday the 11th. I'll probably be there for most of the day, so feel free to drop by. I'll be with Mikey (xxMajiqxx) and Wilson (wilsoncardist). Steve won't let me plan a huge thing, but you can still come...
  11. DavidMisner

    SNL Skit

    Hey guys, generally I won't post off-topic things, but I was watching Saturday Night Live the other night, and this skit came on. It's probably one of the, if not the, funniest skits I've ever seen on that show. Enjoy...
  12. DavidMisner

    Bleach Bypass

    Hey guys, I've just been playing around with editing and I wanted to get your opinions on a bleach bypass type effect I may use. I'll take down the video after I get some opinions. Youtube Vimeo Thanks! David
  13. DavidMisner

    BentTouchSlink :: Review

    Hey guys, here's my review on Daniel Garcia's and E's latest release, BentTouchSlink. Bent This is a super cool and super clean and super easy coin bend. I could've thrown in a few more super things but I decided to hold off. Danny shows you 3 different version, two using the "squeeze" seen...
  14. DavidMisner

    And the obsession continues...

    As many of you know, I have a bit of a obsession with the inversion plot. I have come up with numerous ideas utilizing the plot, as well as released a digital manuscript with a few of my favorite routines. Probably mid-December last year I had the idea to do an ultra visual routine where the...
  15. DavidMisner

    Bicycle Vintage Cupid Backs :: Review

    Now generally I don't review Bicycle brand cards, as they feel alike if not exactly like Rider Backs. I've been dying to pick up a deck of these ever since a friend let me try them out, and Misdirections finally sells singles. Now, these used to only be sold in a set along with a few other...
  16. DavidMisner

    The Chills

    Just a new video I recently got up. I haven't uploaded any real magic so I decided to film a little something. Here's a little info about what I performed. The first effect is an old impromptu Haunted Deck effect that I have been revamping for a while. The original method is very good, but...
  17. DavidMisner


    Hey guys, just uploaded a single move video of a move of mine called Osprey. I've been working on it for a while now, and just wanted some feedback. As a note, the 2nd "part" of the move (with the display) is optional and was not part of the original flourish. Remember to watch in HQ...
  18. DavidMisner

    NIPslip :: Dee Christopher

    Hey guys, Imagine this. A young man from the UK is walking through his newly plastered house, when he finds something amazing. Extraordinary you could say. This one small thing grew into the legend it is today. This legend is NIPslip. The Effect With slow and graceful movements, you reach...
  19. DavidMisner

    My Stickam - Just Chilling

    Hey guys, For those of you who have Stickam accounts, I'm live and hanging out here. Come on in, I'll probably be here for a while. David
  20. DavidMisner

    Voting Open for Ego Change Battle

    Hey guys, Now I won't usually post these, but I think this battle is very close. Just as a side note, there is no flash in my video at the time of the change. The video brightens, but nothing is every obscured or cut. Comments are welcome, every vote counts...
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