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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Getting things from the US

    Hi, I'm from Germany and a friend of mine plans to visit the US in august. So I figure he can buy a few decks of cards and stuff there, to save some money, for like shipping and stuff. So now I'm wondering how much can you about take with you without getting problems? I was thinking about 25...
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    shyness, alcohol, card magic and a beginner

    Hi, so I have now been doing magic for about a month (cardistry over a year) and did notice that I do better performances when drunk. With that I don't mean the people freak out more, thats of course so but thats only because their drunk too I think, but that I talk and present better. It's...
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    Playing Card Desktop Wallpaper

    hi, Do you guys have any nice Playing Card/Cardistry desktop wallpapers? I Did a quick google search but got nothing too nice there.... thanks for your help mouseff
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    The Journey of Cardistry

    Hi, I recently read something about the beginnings of Rap. This made me think about Cardistry. I think that there are similarities between those two. What my point is, that cardistry is still a young art or hobby, whatever you wanna call it, but it evolves. There is a community, there...
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    Trick recommendation

    Hi, so I'm lets say 90% Cardist and 10% Magician until now, meaning I have done some magic tricks but not very often and not so good either. But I do Cardistry a lot and often people who watch me ask me to do a card trick. So what I would like you to do is to recommend me some coll tricks...
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    Hi, tonight I wondered how many different colorchanges there are. So I now ask you to help me collect. I already know these: 01. Classic Color Change: 02. El Cambio Nada...
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    Double Lift by Jason England

    Hi, I wanted to purchase the 1on1 Double Lift video from Jason England. But I encountered a problem I was not yet able to solve: I can only pay by Credit Card and since I have none, can anyone tell me, how I can get to that video now? I would appriciate other shops, tips on how to change the...
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    Inspiring Moment :)

    I Just wanted to share a quick story with you that I found very inspiring. As my sister came home from school, she told me about a teacher who had performed a trick for them during a break. He let one of them select a card, and long story short, the card ended up stuck on the ceiling of the...
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    Why is Cardistry still a niche Hobby?

    Hello, so today I sent Jeremy T's "My Museum" video to a friend. He answered:" You're a nerd. Get yourself a Hobby!" This made me wonder what are people really thinking about our Art? Often when I'm performing a little move in school or so everybody likes it, but on the other hand nobody...
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    Performance Style

    Hi, so I need a bit of advice from you guys :) I am more the laid-back kind. I usually let the others talk and observe instead and then throw in a comment of some sort. And that's the problem of sorts: I usually direct the attention away from me. And I had a couple of bad experiences from...
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