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    Different kind of Crowd Magic...

    so guys i have this small class performance coming up the week after next. now my little dilemma: me and my friends want to perform magic...ok, so that's clear..but we have to perform as a group...i have 25 classmates who are willing to perform.what effect would you suggest which will entail all...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Happy New Year!

    no one said it had to be about magic right?ahaha my goal for this year is to graduate from Engineering College this March and pass the Civil Engineering Board exams this November :D..
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    Saturday Night Contest - Merry Christmas 2011!

    OK i hope i finished in time...i used up around 12-15 cards here...i call this my Mini Theory 11 Christmas tree ornament thingy...ahaha...if we had a tree here this would be at the top :P...anyway hope this goes well :P hoping to win for my birthday :D... (Dec. 26th)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Anything But a Castle

    congratz Ristanto :) well reminded me of a zoid or a boss monster from summon night :)...really fun...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Anything But a Castle

    Card FAn Summer is near...and here in the Philippines the summer gets hot so i wanted to make s omething that i would actually use... so here goes... if you look closely, i run a string down the middle of the full cards so that it would open just is retractable and held together...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Anything But a Castle

    hey jb can i use a paperclip to hold em together??
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    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic! here's my entry :) its based on an effect i'd use on hope you guys like it :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Trick with a Treat

    here's my take on the SNC... this is a trick i call eat and restored :)) it uses chocolate :)) the dude in red in the BG screaming granma is my brother, the dude up here who posted strawberry shortcake :) ok here goes nothing
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    Peerless deck

    I've got a deck of peerless and true in fact that they are quite thick...and stiff. they kinda hurt when i practice sleights but i'm sure it will be a good deck to practice on before you switch to bikes...coz it just heighten up the difficulty and all...very long lasting...and yea, i live in the...
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    hi :).. i dont think mentalism and other kinds of magc is out of topic here :)..anyway have fun
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    Dan Sperry and AGT

    i'm not from america...can i vote for him???
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    Dove Magic Please

    I'd have to try though :) than live my life thinking how different it couldve been if i didnt do dove right? oh and i have a friend that raises doves...he's willing to give me a pair. :) so maybe if i wouldnt dig dove magic i could always let him raise them... :)
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    Dove Magic Please

    @nico thanks dude, ima look for those you mentioned. uhm. ima practice soon...maybe give me 3 weeks then ima post a video, please watch it :) thanks for the support..and please keep helping coz i know there are a lot more who want to learn dove magic :) lets keep this thread alive :)
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    Dove Magic Please

    dude,u can try pet shops or bird farms near your place or ask a wedding planner where they get their doves :)
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    Dove Magic Please

    @uncleming wow thanks dude please do pm me,ineed as much help as i can get..thanks a bunch... @bentley awww that seems so unright,i'd rather care for a dove as a pet..or more so a partner..i love animals too much to consider them as a tool for an effect..they are my partners in the effect..hope...
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    Dove Magic Please

    hey guys!i finally found the kind of stage magic i want to perform. DOVE maagic...i always love animals and i think doves would be so cute to have around.. :) uhm i need a few help tips though..anyone got an idea on designs for a tailcoat?there are no magic shops in the place i live in, and...
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    Stage Magic Please...

    hi!i'm back...ok here's a little getting to know dRew :) Uhm, i'm andRew, i'm the second child in the family of three, and both my brothers perform magic, me and my older brother do close up whilst my younger brother does those cute little kid gimmicks for he is only 11 years old and his hands...
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    Stage Magic Please...

    Hi!I'm dRew:daRk... uhm i am a close-up magician.i want to try stage magic because i always get into situations that i have to do stage could anyone please help me get started...i don't have that much of a budget coz i'm still in college...oh, and i want to try stage magic that...
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    Why so many changes?

    dude,its simple..there are so many color changes so that if you ever mess up with performing one certain color change,well you have another variation so that you won't get caught :)..and if you do the same color change over and over and over again well you would be boring and easily burned coz...
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    theory11 - Saturday Night Contest : Technologically Advanced

    good one casey!!that was really good...would you mind if i put it in my repertoire?? :) that was really good :)
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