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  1. orchestrion

    Arrco vs. Arrco

    I have only handled Arrco Streamlines. They, in my opinion, are not good cards. They have a smooth "plastic" finish and do not handle too well. I've only heard about U.S. Regulations, but I assume they are much better cards. Hope that helped.
  2. orchestrion

    Death to the Double Undercut

    Good post. /thread
  3. orchestrion

    Death to the Double Undercut

    Give it up, dude. I don't see why it's bothering some of you guys as much as it is.
  4. orchestrion

    White Centurions?

    Yes. I don't have a purple suit but I hoped people would get it. Oh and I'm definitely NOT wearing a clip-on tie in that picture. Definitely not...
  5. orchestrion

    White Centurions?

    The plan is simple. We kill [not really!!!] The Kenner. Oh, and if he tries anything funny... I had like 5 other decks on there but they fell off.
  6. orchestrion

    08/08/08 - What is it all about?

    It's also the day before my birthday... To be on topic, I'm sure it'll be something pretty cool. I mean, it IS Wayne Houchin. Maybe it's some mentalism or something...
  7. orchestrion

    The most revolutionary one handed flourish

    Simply amazing. I especially loved the Flipback Quad Helix.
  8. orchestrion

    Brian Tudor?

    I think we've got a conspiracy on our hands. I think BrianationX IS Brian Tudor!! The plot thickens...
  9. orchestrion

    The Wire?

    I have a better penguin joke. What's black and white and looks really goofy when it walks? A penguin.
  10. orchestrion

    Half price blue Bicycle Masters

    Haha nice. I have waaaaay too many cards right now but that seems like a pretty good deal especially for those who don't like performing with other custom cards.
  11. orchestrion

    Celebrities moonlighting as magicians

    Heh heh that list says George W. Bush does magic. I vaguely remember hearing somewhere that Will Rogers was somewhat of a magician. I could be terribly, hopelessly wrong though.
  12. orchestrion

    Where do you keep your cards?

    I have that exact same case only I use it just for my cards since I don't have that many magic "props." I took out all of the spcers it came with and punched out the middle of that bug piece of foam. I might get a picture up here in a bit. For anyone who wants something other than a shoebox...
  13. orchestrion

    theory11 newsletter : something dangerous - friday the 13th

    This is gonna be crazy. Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out the 12th, Surfaced soon, and now this. I need more money.
  14. orchestrion

    Dangerous - Proclamation :: First Teaser Video

    Ohhh I get it. You're implying he's a pedophile. Haha just giving you a hard time.;) I'm eager for the second trailer, the first one was pretty neat.
  15. orchestrion

    Free deck of Bicycle cards from USPCC...

    I was just thinking about this thread earlier today while I was doing yard work. It's nice to know that a bunch of you are actually getting your cards. I'm haven't received mine yet but at least this means they sent them out to everyone. Hopefully the rest of us will get them soon.
  16. orchestrion


    I'm not trying to get into a fight here if it looks like it, but I don't really agree with what you said. If I don't go to the Magic Castle am I not a magician?
  17. orchestrion


    You're assuming every new person who "gets into" magic from watching Celebracadabra or seeing Ellusionist advertisements is going to have no respect for the art. I'll tell you how I got into magic... I collected cards. I knew that there were people out there that could do a few cool cards...
  18. orchestrion


    Did you really just say that over the Internet? ...awesome
  19. orchestrion


    In an attempt to lighten the situation I decided to depict how I see all this bickering. This is in no way an attempt to attack specific members. It was made in good fun.
  20. orchestrion

    Dangerous - Proclamation :: First Teaser Video

    I think he would be okay with that since I doubt he performs at childrens' parties... Haha I can imagine Daniel Madison doing "Blade" for a group of first graders.
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