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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 throwback

    1. Apollo Robbins 2. Daniel Garcia 3.Jonathan Bayme 4. Andrei Jikh 5.Dan White 6.Homer Liwag
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    Saturday Night Contest - Rearranging The Code

    1. 00012378 2. 38200071 3. 70018302
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    Getting things from the US

    ok so thats like the answer i wanted to hear :p
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    Getting things from the US

    Hi, I'm from Germany and a friend of mine plans to visit the US in august. So I figure he can buy a few decks of cards and stuff there, to save some money, for like shipping and stuff. So now I'm wondering how much can you about take with you without getting problems? I was thinking about 25...
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    Bertrand Russel once said:
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    "Think of a Card" (Before You Read)

    10 of diamonds too
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    Fulton's Clip Joint Playing Cards (Dan and Dave)

    I carried the same deck with me since christmas and they still handle pretty well though I had them either in my hands or my pocket for two weeks now... But to be honest they were a bit hard to break in, but after about a day or so I've come to like theml.
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    Who here actually does xcm as a performance art?

    ok just to make a few things clear here: There is a difference, in my opinion, between flame wars, like Art or Not, and a discussion. Those argmuents are always the same and I actually don't read them anymore. And flame wars are fanatics yelling at each other and nobody needs that, right...
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    Who here actually does xcm as a performance art?

    So, I feel I have to say something to this too. First of all I want to make clear that I am by almost every definition what has been called "Hobbyist" in this topic. The reason I do Cardistry is that it looks freaking awesome. I mean come on, nobody here can really deny that, right? I don't...
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    Why was DnD's Youtube channel shut down?

    some dark powers I guess. Jayjay's was shut down a couple of weeks ago.
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    You know you're a card artist when...

    ... when you play with cards while you're dead IN a Call of Duty match. (I actually like dying now ;))
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    shyness, alcohol, card magic and a beginner

    ok so I should stop performing drunk at all, I thought about that before and after what I read here I will do it. But I didn't honestly think that it's that bad, cause til now I cant tell from any messed up trick, but I guess it would come. @Rick you mean I should tell more jokes or stories so...
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    shyness, alcohol, card magic and a beginner

    Hi, so I have now been doing magic for about a month (cardistry over a year) and did notice that I do better performances when drunk. With that I don't mean the people freak out more, thats of course so but thats only because their drunk too I think, but that I talk and present better. It's...
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    You know you're a card artist when...

    you know they don't actually care to do that with me anymore since I always have 5+ decks with me :p
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    Give Me Some Songs!

    its important to talk in your native language. else someone foreign could understand...
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    just did it for myself: 1.heads 2.heads 3.tails 4.heads 5.heads 6.tails
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    Playing Card Desktop Wallpaper

    hi, Do you guys have any nice Playing Card/Cardistry desktop wallpapers? I Did a quick google search but got nothing too nice there.... thanks for your help mouseff
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    The Journey of Cardistry

    Hi, I recently read something about the beginnings of Rap. This made me think about Cardistry. I think that there are similarities between those two. What my point is, that cardistry is still a young art or hobby, whatever you wanna call it, but it evolves. There is a community, there...
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    Draven Reflects upon the Wire.

    I think on theory/motivation/... videos are easier to understand and so more helpful. But I don't really like learning from books in any area :p. But I also have to say that not anything in Magic & Cardistry is the trick or the move. I think some theory, performance tips, philosophies should...
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    Find Them - JOEYFX

    nice skills with cards, but the video is a bit too dark for my taste. And some more flourishes wouldn't hurt either...
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