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  1. deceptioproverum

    Magician Bank

    Hey guys!!! I came across a great find yesterday! I found an old cast iron magician piggy bank for $15. I dont know much about this except that it is just cool! Does anyone know anything about this or seen one before?
  2. deceptioproverum

    Drawing tricks

    Hey guys! I am an artist and I wanted to incorporate drawing into my magic. Does anyone know of any good effects out there that are centered around drawing?
  3. deceptioproverum

    Amazing Anamorphosis!!!

    Hey guys! I came across this video the other day and thought I'd share it with you all!! This is by far my favorite type of optical illusion!!! Enjoy :)
  4. deceptioproverum

    Optical Illusions

    Hey guys!! My name is Josh! I love illusion. I love magic and I love messing with peoples brains! The impossible intrigues the crap out of me!!! I would like to start a discussion about optical illusions in general. What are your favorite optical illusion and how can we put even more...
  5. deceptioproverum

    Illusion. Not just magic.

    Hey everyone! I have not posted something in a LONG time so I thought I would try and post something that raises your intrest and makes you think. I am a magician an I LOVE illusion. Illusion is one of the passions that God gave me. But there are more than just magic tricks when it comes to...
  6. deceptioproverum

    Sam the Bellhop script?

    I am trying to put together a sam the bellhop routine and I wanted a script to start out with. any help would be appreciated I googled like crazy and didnt find anything that helped.
  7. deceptioproverum

    Transposition effects

    I am already planning for the talent show that wont be happening 'till sometime next year and I need some advice. I am doing Metamorphosis and I want to introduce it with a simple straight forward small transposition effect with cards or something (I will be able to have a camera on me so that...
  8. deceptioproverum

    Cool Video - Tell Me What You Think

    I think this is really cool :) tell me what u think
  9. deceptioproverum

    Light Routine Performance

    some of you may have seen my earlier thread about a D'lite routine for a talent show that I was working up well here it is :)
  10. deceptioproverum

    Crucifixion Deck

    here is a deck of cards that I am designing and I am not done with it yet but this is the mock up. I just wanted to see what you guys have to say 'bout it NOTE: it is a christian themed deck so this is a warning to all :)
  11. deceptioproverum

    Cardless cardistry?

    I am wanting to do some simple cardistry moves without cards I am trying to make it look like I am using an invisible deck of cards for a video I want to make. any advice or suggestions at all???
  12. deceptioproverum


    Hey guys! This friday I am going to be in the school talent show and I am going to be doing a routine with a light bulb. it will be in a lamp and I will be using a pair of D'lites to "take" the light from the light bulb and just play witht the light a bit. I was wondering how many of you...
  13. deceptioproverum

    Rubberband routine?

    Hello everyone. First of all I did search the forums and I did not see anything on this subject. I would like to put together a good rubberband routine that flows nicely and I need help. I do not have much money at all and I only have crazy mans handcuffs and a simple 2 band penetration and...
  14. deceptioproverum

    Trying to get away from cards.

    Hey guys I am performing walkaround magic at Pizzahut every Tuesday for a couple weeks and I have come to realize that impromptu card magic only goes so far so I have been getting together some tricks like Professors Nightmare Stoplight Cards and Oddball to perform there instead of all card...
  15. deceptioproverum

    Awesome Experience

    Hey guys I just got back from our local Pizza Hut where I did some magic. I had a great time! I had never really done anything like that before, until now I had just done stuff for kids at school. I got 45 dollars in tips in 3 hours and gave away 15 business cards so I think I did pretty good...
  16. deceptioproverum

    What do you do?

    What do you do/say when you perform a trick for someone and they dont seem to be impressed or even care about what you did?
  17. deceptioproverum

    Problems with IBM login?

    I tried to log in to today and my password wouldnt work therefore I proceeded to enter my email address so I could change it and it said that my email was not in their database I was just wondering if any other IBM members are having this problem thanx in advance :)
  18. deceptioproverum

    Gaff cards... what's your opinion?

    I posted a thread a couple weeks ago on gaff card ideas and got some people saying that they didnt like gaff cards so I just wanted to know who here shares that opinion and who doesnt I personally like them and think they can be very powerful when used right. What do you think?
  19. deceptioproverum

    Spin by Matt Sconce?

    hey guys I just saw this on Ellusionist and wanted to know if it is worth it if so is it really gimickless??? heres the link to the page
  20. deceptioproverum

    Gaff Card Ideas

    If anyone has an idea for a gaff card that they've all wanted to see than post it here I'm designing a gaff deck and need some ideas plus I would love to see what you guys have to say
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