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    Saturday Night Contest - Cards with Class

    Here's my entry. I've never won before, and am not very good at this either. I thought I'd give it a go before I lose anyways.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Cardist Combat!

    I thought you said we need to create a flourish specifically for this contest. Now this guy won because of an awesome flourish he created 6 months ago and had that time to practice? Now I sat all day creating and practicing a flourish for this contest, but the rules were bent? Come on, theory11.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Cardist Combat!

    My entry: short and sweet
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    Saturday Night Contest - Lost and Found

    Spreadsteal by M:B An original idea, based of an old concept. If you've figured it out, good for you. But keep the secret to yourself and appreciate it as much as it should be. This is just a very clean, simple, skillful and easy way to find a spectator's selection. Enjoy and use it if you know...
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    Saturday Night Contest - White Magic Roundtable

    What magic would you prefer? Magic, that looks magical, where people afterwards ask the question "how did you do that?!"? Or magic that looks real, magic that people believe in automatically? (Like David Blaine's "Real or Magic")
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    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic 2013

    Alright guys. Here's my take on the über awesome effect by Daniel Madison, called Angle Z. Enjoy, and good luck to everyone :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Putting It All Together

    Sleight of monkey :D I'm sorry for the bad quality and lighting, so therefore I went in with the difficult moves ;) hope you enjoy watching. Good luck to everyone! BY THE WAY: Only the color change of the card and the variation of the cut is original, and the shuffle used is false as well. The...
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    Saturday Night Contest: Medallion Coin Challenge

    Hey man, sorry to burst your bubble, but your entry won't count, since it's not a new video made for this contest only. I'd recommend filming the same effect again and then submit it to this thread. Nice effect though.
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    Saturday Night Contest: Medallion Coin Challenge

    Difficult, uncomfortable vanish, but original :) enjoy.
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    Saturday Night Contest: Medallion Coin Challenge

    Cocky idea: Coin to mouth This has awesome reactions when performed flawlessly! If you figure out the method, I encourage you to perform it. People love it!! Enjoy.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Something Spooky

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    Saturday Night Contest - Something Spooky

    My internet is really slow at the moment and my video is still being processed. It's estimated to still take another 308 minutes! What if my video just takes a little bit longer to upload? Would it still count? I have the link ready!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Defying Gravity

    Hey guys! Question: If you win a contest like this, in this case, one of the prizes are Vertigo by Rick Lax, and you already have bought the effect once, will you receive it again, or do you get to choose a different one, or do you just not receive that part of the prize? (I'm just asking, I...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Demonstration of the Mind They didn't say whether new upload or not, but am giving it a try. It's a fooler, but the reaction wasn't as expected, because of the language barrier. Enjoy :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Seeing Double

    My send entry, a double lift from the middle to the top, with two cool variations:
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    Saturday Night Contest - Seeing Double

    My first entry, a double lift from the top, face-down into the center:
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    Saturday Night Contest - Rarebit Card Lottery

    Come on, this contest was a little unfair, since when you had time to post your entries, it was night over here. How was I supposed to know, that the contest only goes until 11:00pm ES, when I'm asleep??
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    Saturday Night Contest - Pasteboard Mentalism

    Placebo mentalism This is such a lovely effect, I find, because you never see what they have written until the end. From no on, I'm performing this everywhere. Good luck to everyone entering. Miguel.
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 live 08/11/13

    What are our limits in cardistry and magic? I mean, sleight of hand goes a long way, but in the birth years of magic, there were no gimmicks. It's only a matter of time until we can't create another sleight and/or perfect it. Gimmicks and illusion will be everywhere. Is magic just sleight of...
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 live 08/11/13

    Is gimmicked magic better than magic with just sleight of hand? In the eyes of laymen, yes, but in the eyes of a magician, no. Who do we actually want to fool? A laymen would be fooled by both, but should you create effects just to fool magicians and yourself?
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