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    8months of flourishing(ideas+moves)

    hi, the aerial move is called shot from the firefly by huron, the one at 0:25 on wards is my little flaring combo= flicker+angel+flare
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    8months of flourishing(ideas+moves)

    thats one good effect of having sweaty hands
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    8months of flourishing(ideas+moves)

    so this is my first sh*tty video of 8 months in cardistry, i really hop you liked it this is also a entry to uc2010 moves:by all flourishers music:glitchmob thx oliver
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    What DVD/Book?

    recently nik ahn released a project with up to date creative but easy flourishes, and its like 10 flourishes for 15 bucks(mostly flashy, and simple flourishes which are extremely spiny)
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    nice nice nice, really liked the double outjogg, n the one handed displays
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    New Bicycle Tattoo deck by Steve Rooks

    just my taste but all of them sucked balls, si scott rules
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    Penspinning Freestyle Jam

    1 and a half year almost
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    Penspinning Freestyle Jam

    go check it out guys. tell me what ya think, rate and sub=] oliver
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    Nick Ganesh | Triumph

    please make a tut with you talking it would be much nicer that just "showing" it. oliver
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    Ricky Smith's Cherry Control

    no pwn intended, but that is a rare angle that a spectator would have even in a tabled situation, try adjusting the angles. oliver
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    The Orbit Spread - Bill Perkins

    actually its not that original, i have seen people doing it in hong kong way before
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    hey want a summer jam or sum what?

    hey want a summer jam or sum what?
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    Ideas on Taking Care of Your Cards

    same here bro but i've got some really sweaty hands. summerjam?
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    theory11 - THE PINKY COUNT with Jason England : Now Available

    i know there are going to have people who say WTF a pinkie count for like 7 buck, but i am going to tell you guys that this move is worth more than $100 bucks, its a sleight that you are going lead your path of card magic.(play some epic music and read it once more) BUY IT!! oliver
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    NEW 1-on-1 : The Spello Change by Jesse Feinberg

    in my opion mismag is the worst magician on youtube, he is destroying the magic industry and i hope jesse will kick him in the ass.
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    Aladdin 1001 Deck Review:

    i have a pair of extremly sweaty and hot hands, does it really work for me like what others say? oliver
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    Arrco U.S. Reg. Deck Review

    i think he has done beautifully on the review, keep it up=]
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    The Mechanics Shift

    i think that that this move, worth even more than the dvd subtle concepts.
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    Steamboat 999 Deck Review

    best review so far for steam boats, love you man keep it up. hope next time it would be alladdins. oliver
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