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  1. ReservoirRed

    Comeback/ Moved to Amsterdam

    Hey man, I moved to Amsterdam in March. I've practised little and performed even less in my time here. The Holland Casino near Leidseplein sells cards I think, but I believe the corners are snipped like alot of casino cards. Your best bet is a shop called The Gameskeeper on Hartenstraat in the...
  2. ReservoirRed

    Social Mentalism.

    I watched this video earlier and have been thinking of the possibilities ever since. It's obvious how it pertains to magic and mentalism, so I don't need to explain. A bit scary to some, I personally think it's exciting because of what could be done, and it would be a great way to promote a...
  3. ReservoirRed

    Strong as an oak

    After reading this thread, I don't have anything much to chime in. But I think a cardistry video meeting your criteria does exist, or at least one that strives to meet it. It is by Micheal James, made on his last day in Texas before moving to Las Vegas. I don't know if he got the job with...
  4. ReservoirRed

    Video Of Wayne Houchin Being Attacked

    Here's a graphic picture of wayne. Caution advised.
  5. ReservoirRed

    The Anti-Faro

    10 It's a move that's only worth learning if you want to be able to do it. It is extremely difficult and is going to take years. I'm not trying to discourage you, but that's the honest truth. From your post it sounds highly unlikely that you can do the anti-faro. Forgive me if I'm wrong. As...
  6. ReservoirRed

    Introducing CardTrickster!

    To become a better performer, first you must actually be a performer. Why don't you slow down, and figure out how you're going to get some of the books that have been suggested already.
  7. ReservoirRed

    Introducing CardTrickster!

    Repetitively talking about the repetition in this thread. *cough cough* troll *cough* Setting aside all suspicions, we can now make this thread about presentation skills and performance style for absolute beginners. That way, even if there is messing going on, the thread might be of some use to...
  8. ReservoirRed

    Info About The Coterie Playing Cards Please?

    Not at all. I suspect the last thread disappeared because it was advertising. This is one of the best magic forums there is, it requires standards. If a well known, frequent contributor had something to advertise, it would receive the forum's support. But for a brand new member it wont fly...
  9. ReservoirRed

    Info About The Coterie Playing Cards Please? Which results in ; I don't like being abrupt with...
  10. ReservoirRed

    From Next Time to See You Tonight!

    They burn diamonds at the Kimberley diamond mine. My friends are always asking me, or just dropping hints that they want me to do some magic. Usually at parties or at poker night. I've performed for most of them once, some of them twice and alot of them haven't seen me perform pro-bono at all...
  11. ReservoirRed

    The word "MAGIC" and its negative connotations

    It's worse, he is saying "John is not in prison, he is in cell block C"
  12. ReservoirRed

    The word "MAGIC" and its negative connotations

    So you're saying, he is an illusionist because that's what he is famous for? You just scolded a forum member for implying he is a magician because the public thinks of him as a magician. That's the same thing brah. Are you implying one person's ignorance makes something not true? My...
  13. ReservoirRed

    The word "MAGIC" and its negative connotations

    Actually David Copperfield IS a famous magician, and a great magician, no matter how displeased you are with that. Behind all this pseudo knowledge on what magic is and should be seen as, my guess is you're a guy who's starting out and doesn't want to be associated with silks and white rabbits...
  14. ReservoirRed

    Calling all UK magicians age between 18-28

    What part of what they said is trolling? You didn't provide a lot of information, it does seem a bit too informal to be legit. So we was asking people to take a punt because as they say he who dares wins and the people who have applied so far have fit the bill perfected magician who have a...
  15. ReservoirRed

    Magic with a secret stooge

    This might help.
  16. ReservoirRed

    Well this is just a cluster

    When Pulp Fiction premièred, a man at one of the screenings fainted during the scene where John Travolta stabbed Uma Therman in the heart with an adrenaline shot. When asked what he thought about this, director Quentin Tarantino smiled and said "This movie works!" Dont beat yourself up over...
  17. ReservoirRed

    Human blockhead beginner question...

    I dont know much about performing the effect, but I do know from previous forum posts that you should not be sticking things up your nose, or trying to learn this effect without the proper help. Message william draven on this forum, I dont remember if he performs it, but he's knows a lot about...
  18. ReservoirRed

    David Blaine's new stunt titled "Electrified"

    It's the amperage that kills you not the voltage. So 1 million volts might not be lethal at all, depending on the amperage.
  19. ReservoirRed

    theory11 decks are getting more expensive

    Im not an expert on card production by any means but, Ill go out on a limb and say you're wrong. The best stock is a matter of opinion so you cant really be 'wrong' about that. However, there is air cushion finish, magic finish, but there are also cambric and ivory. I THINK. Ivory finish is used...
  20. ReservoirRed

    Any more Leprechauns out there?

    Where abouts are you from?
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