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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. gymaster97

    Bone Ho's "Anaconda" DVD

    I just got my dvd in and I feel the same way I thought is was well worth it
  2. gymaster97

    Red Wynns at Kardwell

    Oh ok I didnt see that
  3. gymaster97

    Red Wynns at Kardwell

    I clicked on the bee playing cards and clicked on the blue wynns and it came to a page with red and blue wynns. You just have to go a little further into the site to find em heres where i foud them
  4. gymaster97

    Current Wish List

    Static Fast Company
  5. gymaster97

    1-for-1 Switches

    A 1 for 1 like Chris Kenner's 4 for 4 but with one card for one card. Kind of obvious I just thought you maybe hadnt thought of that yet.
  6. gymaster97

    Jacob's Ladder practice?

    i took the two knobs of my closet door and opened them a little and put the rubberband on the knobs if that makes any sense.
  7. gymaster97

    Saturday Night Contest - DG Poet Laurette of theory11

    Symphony is beast because Danny G. made it rock on all night long That guitar looked nice but Nunchakus would have been cool but i won neither
  8. gymaster97

    Magicians to see in Las Vegas?

    DAVID COPPERFIELD its a good show see it!!:p
  9. gymaster97

    Does anyone know?

    You have to get all the way to billing info in the checkout and then all the way down theres coupon code and credit or whatever but then just inter your code there
  10. gymaster97

    Are anyone's parents magicians?

    mine arnt but my uncle is. he is more of a classic magician. hes not into some of the new stuff like theory 11
  11. gymaster97

    FALL by Matt Sconce or Xfinger by Geoff Weber

    which do you think is better i want something that I can walk around and preform easy without to much to carry around tell me what you think thanks gymaster97
  12. gymaster97

    theory11 Roundtable Discussion - Jason England

    how long have you been doing magic?
  13. gymaster97

    David Copperfield Live in Vancouver!

    awesome i think he did the same show for me when i went to vagas my dad was one of the 13 people that got disappeared it was awesome
  14. gymaster97

    Gecko (damn)

    Youve been able to buy this a MJM magic for a long time but its awesome
  15. gymaster97

    1-on-1 Tonight at Midnight EST

    I know where is the new one on one
  16. gymaster97


    If anyone has III by Daniel Madison. I read the explanation for capture and it made no scene to me so if anyone can help I would appreciate thanks gymaster97:p
  17. gymaster97

    Breach or maybe it's Bound?

    that is bound gymaster97
  18. gymaster97

    League Backs or Aladdin 1001 Smooth Finish

    which do you think is a better buy 12 league backs or 12 aladdin 1001 smooth finish better quality look to you stuff like that thanks gymaster97:):)
  19. gymaster97

    Jerry's Nuggets

    dunes. if you can find them sealed they are much more rare than jerries i dont know about quality
  20. gymaster97

    How much do you think 1st Edition Smoke & Mirrors will sell for?

    but with guardians there was no difference form the first ed to the second ed but the quality so how would u know your not just getting second ed so i hope they make the second ed s and m different from the first sorry if it was confusing
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