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  1. zdogmagic

    My Pandora

    Hey guys. Havent been on here in a while! I have been working on Pandora for about a year and a half now and decided to film it for the first time. Id love to hear comments. -Zach
  2. zdogmagic

    Magic Castle Tryouts

    Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I was just wondering who is trying out for the junior program this september?? i am a current junior and can tell you it is well worth it.
  3. zdogmagic

    Tabled Spinner

    Hey guys, Havent posted here in a while and i had a quick question. In the original black bee stingers video, dave buck does a move where the deck is on the table held on its side. Then, a card spins out "jumping" into the air. To me it looks like long distance spinner... Any other ideas...
  4. zdogmagic

    Charity: Water Cards

    Hey everyone, does anyone know whether these cards will be a "normal" T11 deck or are they limited? thanks, Z
  5. zdogmagic

    Magic Con 2012

    Hey everyone, I know it's early, but does anyone know if they are going to Magic Con yet??? I just finished my online registration. -Z
  6. zdogmagic

    \\::VERTIGO::// by Rick Lax

    Hey guys, I recently picked up Vertigo and i just gotta say that it is amazing. I perform it all the time, and it is my go to effect. Vertigo is an amazing plot and the method is extremely easy. Rick goes through so much in the DVD about how to keep suspicion off of the box, that it...
  7. zdogmagic

    Cards in Jason England Overhand Shuffle

    What cards is he using?? And where can i buy them??? -z
  8. zdogmagic

    What is This???

    Hey guys, the other day i saw a performance of a card effect where the cards were split into halves and each half was shuffled by the spectator. Then, each of the halves were split again and 2 of the packets were turned face up. So right now there is 4 packets on the table in a square...
  9. zdogmagic

    Slydini Paper Balls in the Hat

    hey everyone, does anyone know any good music to do this routine to? thanks, zdog p.s. tricky devil, thanks for your help already.
  10. zdogmagic

    Magic Apple Day Of Lectures

    hey party people, anyone going to magic apple's a day of lectures?? heres the pitch: "For $99.95 you get: 3 COMPLETE Lectures from Top magicians! Each lecture will consist of teaching magic, questions and answers, products and more! PLUS Coffee, Water and Tea will served after the...
  11. zdogmagic

    A Quote

    hey guys, i was reading a book about a month ago, and noticed this quote. (No one knows who it's by but anyway) "You can't deny what you see, but you can question what it is." -Anonymous So ya! what do you guys think? Any thoughts??? -zdog
  12. zdogmagic

    Morgan Dollars

    hey everyone, i just bought myself 4 morgans from my local coin store for $55 all together. my question is as follows... are there any other tricks besides a 3Fly and an impromptu coins across that i could do with 4 morgans??? thanks in advance, zdog
  13. zdogmagic

    Card Effects for Large Audiences

    anyone got any ideas? thanks, zdog
  14. zdogmagic

    Stage Magic

    hey everyone, every summer, i attend a family camp in which there is a talent show. i would like to do some magic, but dont know what tricks to do for a crowd of 200 - 300 people. i am normally a close up/ card magician and i have been doing magic for about 3 years now. i have done magic...
  15. zdogmagic

    Linx by Alex Pandrea

    Hey guys, I just finished watching the Linx 1 on 1. This is the first review of this 1 on 1 as I recall and I wanted to write this so people can find out more info about it by a satisfied magician/customer. Price - $6.95 Is it worth it: YES Linx is an amazing, completely impromptu 3 Phase...
  16. zdogmagic

    R.I.P Pat Page

    hello everyone, i just wanted to inform you the we lost a great in magic. the creator of EZ - Money... Pat Page. i just wanted to make this announcement so everyone would know and they could wish him they're best regards. sincerely, zdog
  17. zdogmagic

    Close Up Talent Show

    hey everyone, just wondering what some good tricks are for a talent show for like 20 to 40 people. it would be pretty close up tricks. thanks in advance, zdog
  18. zdogmagic


    Hey everyone! i was wondering what kind of music or what artist you like to listen to while flourishing or doing magic. i like to listen to Jay-Z while flourishing. what about you??? -zdog
  19. zdogmagic

    Locked and Loaded

    hey everyone, whenever i go out to perform, i know i always have a deck of cards, a couple kennedy halves, and sometimes an invisible deck. so the question that remains is... What do you carry with u? i would love to hear your feedback, zdog
  20. zdogmagic

    New Years Resolutions in Magic

    hey everyone, i know that New Years Eve is tonight but anyway happy new year!!!! i was wondering, does anyone have any goals for the new year in magic? i know that i want to get my clipshift down soon and i also want to perfect the new variation of a change i made. What do you want to...
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