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    Tarot Deck

    Anyone know of a decent tarot deck that isn't too expensive? Preferably one that doesn't look too "modern," as I will be aging the cards. Hmm, if it helps at all, the cards won't be manipulated nearly as much as a standard pack. They'll mostly be used for readings, but maybe a demonstration...
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    Are there things too strong to do?

    I think so.
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    Why Buy Tricks?

    Why would a magician buy tricks? In the Books of Wonder, the author makes the point that as "artists," we would be decreasing the artistic status of our work if we performed tricks that were devised by others- we become copyists, rather than painters. When all your material is individual, you...
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    Name of chair...?

    Eh... I've been looking for this for a while, but never found out what it was called or where I can get it. Basically, it's a folding chair that can "tip" remotely, but I have no more information than that. There's a video of it here.. It also...
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    Review: The Derren Brown Lecture by International Magic

    I actually got this a while back, and it was great. This is my first review... erm.... ever... so bear with me for a mo. An Overview. Hmmm... normally that's underlined, but i have no idea how to do that. Anyways, this is a recording of Derren Brown's lecture at the International...
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    Why Don't We Have a Mentalists Forum?

    As the title probably suggests to you, I am merely wondering why no mentalists forum is under way. We have a card forum, a coin forum, but the third most popular type of magic is sadly neglected. I am sure many mentalists would benefit from such a forum, and there could be a place to turn to...
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    Mind Power Deck / Radar Deck

    Is there any difference between John Kennedy's "mind power deck" and Richard Osterlind's "Radar deck?" If there is, which one do you reccomend and why?
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    Impromptu Mentalism

    Does anybody know where i can find sources for impromptu mentalism. i am quite a beginner in the subject and i am looking for effects that don't require any props (swami, billets, etc.) Does anybody know where i can find Dvd's/books on the subject. Heck, i'll take any mentalism...
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    Advanced Chink-a-Chink

    I was just reading the case for "Easy to Master Coin Miracles Volume 3" when i realized that an item "Advanced Chink-a-Chink was supposed to be taught. is it just me, or is this item not on the Dvd? Great Dvd either way...
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    Finding Chinese Coins

    Does anybody know where to get a decent chinese coin? I need them for spellbound type things so i only need one. I am talking about the magician's chinese coin, not the actual chinese currency. -Chicken.
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    Impromptu Cups

    Hi guys... I'm just getting into the cups and balls and was wondering.... as i am just starting to explore this area of magic, i have not yet purchased a set of cups. do you have any recommendations? I was wondering if the brass penguin taple hopping cups were any good. Also... during...
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    Profanity on the Site

    Now with all the hype for the release of this site, it got me pretty excited. When the site was launched, i explored the site end to end, and i found some pretty dissapointing things. One thing I'm going to talk about today is swear words on the site. This site is visited by many young...
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    Wither/Shizoid vanish

    HO-ho-ho! peoples of the wonderful world of coins- I have a question to ask you all! (actually 2 questions, but -who's counting?-) questione Uno: What is the difference between the Apollo wither vanish, and the Ogawa Shizoid vanish? ho-ho? Questione Dos: What do you recomend for...
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    Jamie Schoolcraft

    I really love coin magic, and I was wondering about Jamie's coins. I have heard of their high quality, and was wondering about how durable they are. Can anybody help me? Also, walking liberty coins have a lot of designs on their face. If i order a non-soft walking liberty set, do they talk more...
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