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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. MaGiK Man

    t11's biggest release - This Week!

    Who would have thought that the wire was just a deck of cards this whole time! ~Nate Hickey P.S. Casey Rudd you rock =)
  2. MaGiK Man

    t11's biggest release - This Week!

    ...that wouldnt be funny at all...
  3. MaGiK Man

    t11's biggest release - This Week!

    I still don't see why a countdown to a countdown to a deck of cards is necessary. Or how a deck of cards is going to revolutionize magic. This must be one heck of a deck of cards!!! (maybe a new kind of card stock!!!!) ~Nate Hickey P.S. This post is dedicated to Casey Rudd =)
  4. MaGiK Man

    The Doohickey Switch

    Love you too Josh =) lol
  5. MaGiK Man

    Tricks for School

    hahaha Gator Boots FTW xD ~Nate Hickey
  6. MaGiK Man

    New sleights?

    I agree that it looks very similar to the cherry control. Also the switch looks similar to Marlos turn over switch.
  7. MaGiK Man

    The best rising card deck?

    With kundalini rising you can use a borrowed deck, it happens in their hands, and your left clean...does it get any better? lol Hope this helps. ~Nate Hickey
  8. MaGiK Man

    The best rising card deck?

    Personally the best rising card effect ive ever come across is Jeff McBrides Kundalini Rising. ~Nate Hickey
  9. MaGiK Man

    Wayne Houchin Daily Updates?

    This is what i figured as well haha that he was just really busy, but i just wanted to ask. And idk what it is but ik its going to be epicccc haha ~Nate Hickey
  10. MaGiK Man

    Wayne Houchin Daily Updates?

    I havnt been on this site in the past few weeks, so this may have been addressed, but is there a reason Wayne hasnt been doing any daily updates? or is it just my computer? Thanks in advance. ~Nate Hickey
  11. MaGiK Man

    yo Noel whats up!?!? hows life been since camp!?? you should check out the facebook group more...

    yo Noel whats up!?!? hows life been since camp!?? you should check out the facebook group more often =)
  12. MaGiK Man

    New 1-on-1's?

    Lately, being the past few months, it has seemed they have been putting a 1-on-1 out every OTHER friday unless there was another big release, like static, coin one or watermark which have been recent. ~Nate
  13. MaGiK Man

    Tomas Change and its Variations

    haha thank you i believe thats exactly what im thinking of.
  14. MaGiK Man

    Tomas Change and its Variations

    If im not mistaken this has been around for a long time and is nothing new. I dont know the name or who the credit goes to, but this concept has been around a while. ~Nate Hickey
  15. MaGiK Man

    Birthday... Need I say more?

    i would say definitely get the Paper Engine if your looking to improve in cards. Aaron Fisher goes into extreme detail in every sleight, and effect, and ive had the book for a year, and am still getting new stuff out of it, highly recomended. Sorry i cannot comment on any of the other things...
  16. MaGiK Man

    Hide and Seek Aces

    Just restating...add personality, emotion, performance. The trick may have been good, but the monotone performance took away from it. Also i believe it was a gravity halfpass, but you should work on that to make it less noticable. I admit the premise of the trick has potential, but its...
  17. MaGiK Man

    The T.V. Spot

    haha that was awesome! The bonus footage at the end made me a little dizzy, but the magic was excellent. I give you mad props for getting such epic reactions from sinful and pressure, great job! Good luck with whatever aspect of magic you choose to persue next! ~Nate
  18. MaGiK Man

    Paul Harris' - The Little Man Video Up!

    I fell for it =X i didnt look at the comments before hand. Come on is it that bad if theres a little Rick roll here and there? its not like this is hurting or offending anyone. I mean yeah its not magic related but, some people need to loosen up a little bit and have some fun.
  19. MaGiK Man

    Four Months of the Classic Pass

    It looks like your performing the Herman pass, not the classic pass. This is really the only pass i use in performance. As stated you can clean it up nicely with an all around square up. The outjogged herman shift is exactly as it sounds, the herman shift with an outjogged card, so i think...
  20. MaGiK Man

    Saturday Night Contest - APOLLO ROBBINS : Roundtable

    1) How did you become the lead consultant for Leverage? 2) Is pickpocketing for a [magic] show any diffent then theives picking someones pocket on the street? ~Nate
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