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  1. Dylan P.

    Michael Jackson Lean

    Dear Forum Members, It's been a long time since I've logged onto these forums but I am in search of a product, and I assumed that someone here would most likely be able to help. I am looking for the website of the people that can make the gimmicked shoes that allow for you to perform the...
  2. Dylan P.

    A Hard Lesson On Props...

    Sadly, I think that we have all lost an important gimmick at one time or another. This provides us with a valuable lesson as you have said, but the best thing we can do is learn from this lesson and remember this next time. Although, don't give up on trying to locate the M5, because just as we...
  3. Dylan P.

    Barry and Stuart

    Tjanks keo. So they still perform? Also ive been watching their videos a lot and sometimes it appears that the clip was like part of an actual stage show but other times it looks kind of like an onthe street tv show. Did they have multiple shows on tv? And are the shows in britian or england...
  4. Dylan P.

    Barry and Stuart

    Hey everyone! Long time no see! Now, ever since I took an interest in magic and magicians I have found readibg autobiographies about them fascinating. And from the time I learned about youtube I constantly have watched numerous performances of my favorite conjurers. And from the very start...
  5. Dylan P.

    Fun With Digital Editing

    I'm sorry. Maybe i just don't understand. But, what has this got to do with magic? If you would jusy explain I would understand. I'm sorry to sound rude. Dylan P.
  6. Dylan P.

    Is it alright to use a stooge?

    This is merely personal opinion, but why use a stooge when you could come up with an alternate handling of an effect that doesn't require a stooge?
  7. Dylan P.

    No Criss Angel?

    Without David Blaine or Criss Angel, perhaps we could get back to real, off-the-cuff impromtu magic. The type of magic that involves acual skill and not the magic of Imove or Final Cut Pro, or Adobe After Affects. Perhaps, we could see some real talent like Copperfield come and revive their...
  8. Dylan P.

    The Wire - Truth or Epic Fail?

    That's literally all I want to know. I think that the seasoned T11 members deserve that much at the very least.
  9. Dylan P.

    A Must Read For Magicians, and Any Other Performer

    A few days ago my father came home with a book for me. My father, to whom I gave a banjo to for a christmas present two years ago, was perusing the books store, when he came across a certain book. The subject of the book is a man who is an amazing performer, mastering numerous skills and selling...
  10. Dylan P.

    The Wire - Truth or Epic Fail?

    okay, I haven't been on here in a long time, and I know I'll probably be bashed to death for posting this thread but i need to ask. Before the old website was remodeled into this, there was a page called "The Wire", as many of you still remember. For two years this page read that it was still...
  11. Dylan P.

    Video Editing

    Hey man, you can try using Final Cut Pro. Not sure of the cost, but I use it to edit projects for my film class. It has everything you need. Effects, Transitions, Color Correcting, Speed, Animation, and it's highly in depth with how much you actually have to do on your own. Not too hard to use...
  12. Dylan P.

    Christmas Contest?

    Hey evryone. I know we're nbot supposed to bump threads, but I was wondering if anyone had heard anyting about a T11 christmas contest yet? Or if there's going to be one even. JB? Anyone?
  13. Dylan P.

    Christmas Contest?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if T11 has put up a thread with their Christmas contest rules yet. If so, can I have a link. Dylan P.
  14. Dylan P.

    New Video About Me!

    What people are misconstruing is the fact that I make a good deal of money doing this. Regularly I get 2-3 bookings monthly. usually for 3 hours or more and I charge 100$ an hour. So in general I am hired, and if someone decides not to based on my appearance when I'm in public., then so be it, I...
  15. Dylan P.

    New Video About Me!

    Hey guys! great feedback. But what you have to realize is that this persona is how people in school see me, and the Channel is geared towards students, not the public. (Although can be accessed by the public). So by my appearance being this way it helps kids better relate and say hey I have...
  16. Dylan P.

    New Video About Me!

    Hey everyone. I was recently featured in a peice on my school's TV channel. It is called the "Industrial Student" segment and it is all about a student with a skill or talent that they use to make money, and start a career for themself. So it was my turn, last year I did one as well. The...
  17. Dylan P.

    What is Magic?

    Hey everyone! All great ideas and thoughts coming this way. If anyone is trolling just remember to report them and just ignore their posts. no reaso to start a fight. Anyway, really good ideas coming out now
  18. Dylan P.

    What is Magic?

    Last week I was doing a brief interview for my schools local TV channel, and the interviewer asked me "What exactly is magic?". I took the opportunity to really present my view on what magic is, and what it's all about. So on the spot I said the following and really put all my thoughts and my...
  19. Dylan P.

    Expert at the Card Table

    The book is awesome, unfortunately I lost my copy during a move last year. It really is a great book and it's really really helpful and in detail. My mom bought mine at Ellusionist, although I don't know if Ellusionist still sells it. Dylan P.
  20. Dylan P.

    Problem with "Replying With a Quote"

    Hey everyone, There have been a few threads I have been in where I wanted reply to someone while quoting their post. So naturally, I use the "Reply With Quote" button, but every time a click it an error on the page occurs and it freeze's up. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Dylan P.
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