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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Guardian18

    Oh man.... Looks like a copy of Or at least it's very similar, except the napkin was added. Somebody clarify please?
  2. Guardian18

    Redline // Review

    Here is my review for Redline. It was my birthday recently, and I could get any 1-on-1 I wanted. I wanted to branch out from card magic, and start some magic with everyday objects. That's why I chose redline. Actual Trick//8/10 So simple, but gets great reactions (Yes I've actually tried this...
  3. Guardian18

    IBM Cardistry Collab Filmed at my IBM ring meeting. I have the cupid backs and the blue bikes. My friend has the tallys. his channel: I had a blast making this. That's what really matters. Hope you enjoy! Music by the...
  4. Guardian18

    CliffHanger - C.S Video I made. Testing color correction and some combos. Enjoy. listofmoves: thumbfan + armspread + rollingcharliers scratchcut - Blunk splintercell combo - me molecule4 + tornadoish thingy + molecule2 -...
  5. Guardian18

    Awesome Time in NYC

    Hey, Just thought I would share a cool experience when I was in NYC for a few days. 1st: Rogue Magic and Funshop (Queens) This place is awesome. They have the latest cards (S&M, Black Ghost 2nd edition, etc.) and Rogue is a nice and funny guy. He showed me a few tricks and I ordered his...
  6. Guardian18

    Cardistry Battle // Vote Now

    Here is me and Rasmus' battle videos. Sorry for starting a thread about this, but no one seems to be voting. Rasmus, here is what I think of your video: Pros //Good moves //Nice speed Cons //Not my taste of music //A tad choppy You can do the same to my video.
  7. Guardian18

    Teams for CCC 2008

    Hi, sorry for making ANOTHER thread about this. I really want a team, but I can't find one. Ineski, please check your PMs :D. If he says no, can anyone else join?
  8. Guardian18

    Sony Vegas 7

    Hi, does anyone know a good place to get Sony Vegas 7? For a good price, too. :) Thanks in advance.
  9. Guardian18

    Aristocrats Cards!

    Yesterday, I went on Ebay and found a rare Aristocrat deck with 1 minute left, and no bids! So I went ahead and bought it. It isn't here just yet, but it'll come soon! Also, I didn't know where to post this because there isn't a playing card section like over at decknique, so if mods want to...
  10. Guardian18

    Cool Back Design I Made

    Here it is: Tell me what you think about it Guardian
  11. Guardian18

    Kardwell Shipping

    Hi, does anyone know how much shipping is for a brick from Kardwell to the U.S? Thanks in advance.
  12. Guardian18

    Back Design

    Here's my back design. I only worked on it for maybe 8 minutes:
  13. Guardian18

    Brown Wynn Deck Review

    This is a review for the Brown Wynn Deck Looks 9/10 The back is so simple, yet so nice and elegant. The fronts have jumbo indexes and the aces have 4 indexes. The box is just a brown bee box with an open space covered with cellophane to display part of the card back. It's a regular Bee ace...
  14. Guardian18

    Color Changes

    Hey, check out my new video, Color Changes. Sorry if the quality isn't that great. Feel free to comment on YouTube
  15. Guardian18

    DVD teaching

    Which DVD has clearer teaching, the System or the flourishing disc of the Trilogy? Thanks, Guardian18
  16. Guardian18

    Molecule 4 Teaching?

    Yo, I was wondering if the teaching in the 1on1 download for Molecule 4 is just in slow motion or actually taught with words?
  17. Guardian18

    My Trilogy Contest Video

    Hey! You guys can check out my Trilogy Contest entry on YouTube at Feel free to comment and rate! :cool:
  18. Guardian18

    Trick deck difference?

    I was wondering if there is a difference between a stripper deck and a tapered deck? And also, how long does it take to see a video in the media section? Thanks, Guardian18
  19. Guardian18

    Question about Trilogy Video Contest

    I have a question about the Trilogy Video Contest. My question is can I submit the video from Youtube? If I can, what category should I submit it in?:confused: Thanks...
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