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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Bodybuilding and Magic - Lookalikes?

    Ok, im a magician and a bodybuilder... and recently ive beena bit pre occupied with bodybuilding... but im pretty experienced in both fields, so heres what i found... check this out.. Franks McGrath: the Daniel Madison of bodybuilding.. one of the most respected BBers Alexey Lesukov...
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    Any Bodybuilders In Here?

    hey guys.... for the past year, my new hobby has been bodybuilding... yes, i got bigger... wayy bigger... im active in the forums... and that kinda got me less and less interseted in magic and now i wanna come back... but just wondering, are any of you bodybuilders? any of...
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    Havent Been Around In A While.

    hey guys...i sorta lost interest in magic right after i created a bunch of new stuff..i dont want all that to go to i wanna get back into it... im still pretty fresh witht he moves and stuff in my head...i havent posted here in months so i just wanna know whats new.. so whats new??
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    JERRY's on eBay... Real or Fake?

    hey guys. I plan on purchasing a deck or blue Jerry's Nugget playing cards, and i stumbled across these on ebay. they're Jerry's for 140 dollars. However nowhere does it state that the cards are real. here it is...
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    MELT: what do you guys think?

    hey guys. Ive ben working on a new trick using a new principle (i think). The trick is completely impromptu and uses no gimmicks what do ever. Well, this is only part of the trick...check it out: well, what do you guys think?
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    Hidden color change in CK's Slip Shot?

    hey guys...this has been worrying me for quite some time, and I finally decided to post a thread about it... A while back, before chris kenner's 1on1 slipshot was released, I create a color change...the deck is held in mechanics grip, jerked up a bit, and the card changes visually. I saw...
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    Voting has opened for Self Created Display

    hey battling drkrelemnts for best self-created display... heres the link: btw, theres a packet clutched in my right hand, but the rest of the packets are blocking it...its a 14 packet display.. well, have fun voting...
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    Voting has opened for WERM + WERM variation

    hey has opened for WERM and WERM variation between Sinful07 and myself.. heres the link: Have fun voting!!
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    5,000th Thread in General Discussion

    wow...the 5000 mark has been reached....theres no point to this thread...just poining out that theres EXACTLY 5000 thread up till now... -Greg
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    Best self created display... Anybody?

    anyone wanna battle me for best self created display? rules: must be self created no video editing (no titles, credits, slides, music..nothing) have fun... anyone up for it?
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    Self-created one-handed cut... anyone?

    anyone up to battle me for best self-created one-handed cut? rules... must be self created...must be one handed absolutely no video slides, effects, music...nothing... have fun!! anyone up for the challenge?
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    WERM battle... Anyone?

    hey guys..who wants to battle me for best WERM are the rules perform 2 WERM display within 2 minutes... first WERM: regular WERM display...5 packets...nothing extra second WERM: a WERM with a variation, and an optional extension (going into another cut/display) ABSOLUTELY NO...
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    Voting has opened for Ego Change

    Hey has opened for the ego change battle between winterline, and myself. there it is..VOTE!! also, can you please leave a reply stating your personal thoughts on the video(s)...we would love to hear them and get...
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    Self-Created Display Battle: ANYONE?

    hey guys... Who wants to battle me for best self created display? Rules: Must have a "flourishy" way to get in and out of the display...(u can't just stick cards everywhere without a rhythm and call it a display) ABSOLUTELY NO camera editing in any way ( No credits, titles...
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    An urgent problem: Does theory11 bring viruses?

    Hey guys...I'm Greg and I'm 15... I need to ask you guys a question. Not neccessarily magic-related, but it is about theory11 and video sharing sites... By reading this, please don't feel as if I'm coming to you for my personal problems, just asking your opinion on a certain subject. Okay...
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    Voting Open for EGO CHANGE!

    hey has opened for the EGO change battle between AXE and myself... there it is....VOTE!! also, can u guys please post in this thread and tell us what u guys think about our color changes? -Greg
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    Self-Created Transpo

    hey guys, who want to battle me for best self-created transpo? rules: video must be less than a minute long any transposition (self-created) NO video editing what so ever (no music, no effects, no titles, no credits, no nothing) must be done in the hands (dan and dave style) ummm, have...
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    EGO change battle... Any Takers?

    hey, anyone wanna battle me for best EGO change? rules: must perform 1 color change video must be less than 30 seconds in length NO video editing in any way (no music, no effects, no titles, no credits) oh, and if you want, you can do a cardini change instead of EGO...doesnt...
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    Best Self-Created Display... Anyone?

    hey guys. Anyone wanna battle me for best self-created display? Rules: Must be self created, Must be a continuous flourish leading go a display... You can't just stick cards and packets everywhere... You must have a flourishy way to get in and out of the display. No video editing... No...
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    Cardini Change Battle: ANYONE?

    Hi...who wants to battle for a cardini change? rules: just 1 change must be less than 30 seconds ABSOLUTELY NO VIDEO EDITING!!! Any takers?
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