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  1. filth0013


    Hey, I've been having a problem. Every time i do reset, the people always turn over the cards on the table and the trick gets ruined. Anyone have an idea on how to prevent this?
  2. filth0013

    Live Card Trick

    Me doing a trick for my mom's boss at a party. My brother picked quite a bad angle to film from, so ignore the flash. Enjoy.
  3. filth0013

    Christopher Kenner.

    Here is a unique combination of a card trick, beautiful camera work (thanks, dad), and a respectable song....
  4. filth0013

    Bicycle Vintage Fan Back Review

    Here it is...... This is how the Bicycle Fan Backs look: Design: Great; 10/10; The design of the box and the cards is simply fantastic. Handling: Handle almost exactly the same as Tally Ho's (which is a good thing); 10/10 Faros: Perfect; 10/10 Stock and Finish: Fine with me...
  5. filth0013

    Bow-to-Stern Control and a Snap Change Have fun. Thats the best bow to stern I've ever done. Glad i caught it on tape.
  6. filth0013

    Cherry Control

    Looks like Cherry Control is being released next week on 11.18.08. w00t. Oh, and here is a new performance of mine. The trick is from By Forces Unseen.
  7. filth0013

    Variations of Tricks

    I've been thinking. I always see videos on youtube that say: 'Tivo 2.0 variation' or 'Queens variation' or whatever..... However, in many videos the methods are completely different from the original trick, but people still call them "variations" for some reason. Here are a few Tivo 2.0...
  8. filth0013

    Lustig for Life (from By Forces Unseen)

    Bleh. Here is the only trick I do from By Forces Unseen. I was bored so i filmed it. Bleh. filth0013.
  9. filth0013

    More Performances

    Hey guys, i filmed some videos with patter. Triumph (a different version then the one i uploaded before.) Collectors Tell me what you think or I'll cry exactly 3.702 times.
  10. filth0013

    Mythical Creatures

    I need some advice. I was doing reset for a class mate, and he turned over the cards on the table. What should i do if someone tries to turn a card or cards over when they're not supposed to?
  11. filth0013

    Reset With a Hook Greg Wilson's version of Reset.
  12. filth0013

    SW Elevator Ive been practicing this great move :)
  13. filth0013

    School Magic

    Hey guys. I've been doing card tricks in one of my classes for a while now. There are these people there that are obsessed with my card tricks. Every time i do a trick, theyre there watching. Now, ive ran out of tricks to show. I have about 10 tricks that i do. I dont wanna do any tricks any...
  14. filth0013


    I need some advice. If i want to do a collectors routine, but there is only one spectator, what should i do? should i just have them remember the three cards anyway? do you think theyd be able to remember them?
  15. filth0013

    Penguin Deal Advice

    If anyone has any of these, can you tell me if you liked it or not? Im trying to figure out what to buy for the Penguin $99 deal. Heinstein Shuffle by Karl Hein Card Stunts by Greg Wilson Classic Force with Paul Green Tricks that will get you paid by Gary Norsigian Generation Extreme by...
  16. filth0013

    Angry Leprechauns Don't Enjoy Cabbage.

    A sandwich effect. Have fun.
  17. filth0013

    Improved Dribble Pass I've been working on my pass. Tell me what you think. ~filth0013
  18. filth0013

    An effect...

    Hi, i just thought of a cool little trick with cards. Its probably not original, all im wondering if you guys think it would get a good reaction. Anyways, the person picks a card, its lost back inside. I give them an indifferent card to hold. i take another random card from the deck, and it...
  19. filth0013

    Cheop's Dunbury Sandwich
  20. filth0013

    Collectors Performance

    A collectors routine from Card College.
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