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  1. Robert//Livingston

    Suspended Strait Jacket Escape -- Performance

    Hey everyone, I know I haven't been very active in the forums lately, I've been trying to get out and perform more without having to worry about what the 'Next Best Thing' or being tempted to try other things that what I was working on at the time. On November 14th 2011 I performed the...
  2. Robert//Livingston

    The Magic Place...

    Hey all, Check this out - Thoughts?
  3. Robert//Livingston

    Ace Assembly for my friend.

    Here you go guys, Like the title says, it's an ace assembly. If you don't like these, you probably won't like this video. Would love some criticism though. -Robert
  4. Robert//Livingston

    Small little video I made on my MacBook

    Hey guys, Haven't posted a video in a while, thought I might show a couple things I'm working on. It's hard to fool this stupid camera, but I think it looks acceptable. Let me know what you all think! -Robert
  5. Robert//Livingston

    Wanting to learn at the Magic Castle

    Hey everyone! So, when I read about a lot of magicians, a lot of them say they moved out to California to join the magic castle and study under someone. (Mostly everyone went out there to try and befriend Dai Vernon) So what I want to know, is if I can become a member out at the Magic...
  6. Robert//Livingston

    Will Theory11 Carry the new Aristocrats?

    Hey everyone, I heard the USPCC will be remaking Aristocrats. Will Theory11 have these in stock, with their new partnership?
  7. Robert//Livingston

    Looking for an Appearing Motorcycle Illusion.

    Hey everyone, it's certainly been a while since I've posted on the forums here. Anyway, I'm looking for an appearing motorcycle illusion to be used on stage in an auditorium. I've looked at a few but I just don't know if they would be worth getting. I'd like to have everyone looking at an...
  8. Robert//Livingston

    Chris Kenner.... Please!

    For Magic-Con 2010 last year you did an amazing lecture on lighting/filming and did a few different short filmings of 3-Fly with different styles of filming. Is there anyway we can view those? I'm dying to see the G.O.A.T style of 3-fly again, and thought the others were quite entertaining as...
  9. Robert//Livingston

    Kiddie Section of Theory11, and Stage Magic Update

    Hello all, I've been getting increasingly disturbed by the amount of nonsense being posted in these forums. Please, don't get me wrong, I love discussing magic with the 10% of you that know what you're talking about and perform regularly. It seems this past month that the good information is...
  10. Robert//Livingston

    So, I want to do a stage show. Thoughts?

    Hey everyone! So today I've set two really big goal to accomplish within the next two years. First, is to finish my college education and have a degree. The second one is to book this local theater for a 1 hour show! Now, I'm wanting to put together something really special, that will allow me...
  11. Robert//Livingston

    Manipulation Cards and Powder

    I've got a little complaint here, one of the first in a while actually. I've started getting into serious card manipulation about 6 months ago. I started off with Dan Sperry's 1-on-1's and finally graduated into the Sheridan Course. My complaint here is about manipulation cards. When I first...
  12. Robert//Livingston

    A creative act. Have you guys seen this? It's a quirky little show, but packs big laughs!
  13. Robert//Livingston

    First Birthday Gig!

    Hey guys, I got called on Sunday and asked if I would do some magic for a birthday party (I've been passing out business cards every chance I get.) So, I'll be doing a 20-25 minute show, and balloon animals. The range of ages are 2 - 11 with a couple of teenagers and the parents. So...
  14. Robert//Livingston

    Tell me what you think/critique me. Please?

    Hey guys, So, a friend of mine who just got into magic showed me his sandwich effect and wanted me to help him. So what I did, was take the same idea but add a way to introduce the cards for the sandwich and hopefully make it more believable than the ones most people put up. Here it is, it's...
  15. Robert//Livingston

    Theory11's Got Talent!

    Hey everyone! So, I was browsing through the 'Cards' section, and saw that the D&D V4's are sold out (and have been for a while). That being said, I'd love to host a contest with a pack of V4's as the prize! I've got about a dozen unopened and mint packs, so I can spare one. Plus, it will...
  16. Robert//Livingston

    Working on my Stand-Up Routine *Help*

    Hey guys, So I'm finally getting together a Parlour type show. I'm just wondering what types of effects everyone else out there is using, or if you could give any advice on the ones I'm thinking of using. So here it is: Opener- The Vanishing Bandanna Middle - Fiber Optics, (some...
  17. Robert//Livingston

    The Sheridan Course in Card Manipulation

    Wow! Have you guys seen this over at Penguin Magic? It's got a hefty price, and I'm just wondering if any of you have bought it. It looks really amazing, I'm just trying to think if it would be applicable in my life right now. I've gotten some of Dan Sperry's stuff on here, but this is a...
  18. Robert//Livingston

    Full Gambling Demonstration!

    Put on your Jason England face, and show us your stuff! 1 Week / 7 Day duration.
  19. Robert//Livingston

    Please sir, may I have another?

    Haha, I'm up for a challenge, preferably cards. Shoot out an idea!
  20. Robert//Livingston

    Voting Open for Gambling Effect!

    Hey guys, please take some time to vote :D Also: For my video you may have to turn the volume up, for some reason YouTube made the audio low. So crank them speakers up, the effect isn't good without the patter ;) As always, I would...
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