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  1. Robert Butler

    Eco Card Clip Official Thread - (Sale Tonight)

    For those who want to get their hands on an Eco Clip, now is your chance! They are now for sale on Only 200 available. Get one before it's too late!
  2. Robert Butler

    Eco Card Clip

    Hey guys, I would like to show you these beautiful Eco Clips for the real deal... If you want to check out more images from us in the future, go to our website at, and go to our "gallery" tab. Take care! Thanks
  3. Robert Butler


    I'm bord, come hang out with Conjuring Creations Live for a late night session at Http://
  4. Robert Butler

    Eco Card Clip

    I apologize, I just noticed the typo in the email address Also, I had a great thing happen to me yesterday. My Transducer Fire buckled on me yesterday. I hate when this happens to my cards but it was a great opportunity to really see if the clip was just a guard...
  5. Robert Butler

    Eco Card Clip

    Fantastic points William! I've neglected this site way to much in the development phase of this project so there's much you don't know. We offer whole sale to companies upon request and you can contact us at for an inquiry. Were currently developing many clips at...
  6. Robert Butler

    Eco Card Clip

    Hey Everyone! I have a quick update for you on the Eco Card Clips.
  7. Robert Butler

    Eco Card Clip

    Thanks for the feedback! If you've missed the last two sales and would like to get ahold of our Eco Prototype collectable then now is your chance. We sold 1-20 numberd Prototypes but we have clip #Zero that were giving away to one of our facebook fans once we reach 100 Likes. The numbers 1-20...
  8. Robert Butler

    Eco Card Clip

    Hey Gang, I've been working on a project over the past few months and I would like to gather some feedback if possible. The project is based around a card clip concept. I've seen many clips produced made from a metal and for me it was never enticing but I loved the concept. I had and idea of...
  9. Robert Butler

    1.6.12 Magic By Peter Pellikaan Magic By Peter Pellikaan Coming Soon
  10. Robert Butler

    Vortex Deck Trailer

    hey Eostresh, here is some info for you mate. The Vortex is printed on Aristocrat stock & Magic Finish. The deck is indeed printed with the USPCC. The Aristocrat was chosen for a softer stock and with the ink to stock ratio being low, it allow aristocrat without compromising the quality of...
  11. Robert Butler

    Red Artifice v2?

    Ellsuionist will not be producing a V2 Red Artifice. Thanks
  12. Robert Butler

    Aether Cards & The Vortex Deck

    Hey T11! Update time! We've been working out alot of the details with USPCC and were open to any questions you may have. In the mean time here is the second teaser
  13. Robert Butler

    Houchin: X-Elent Lecture Series

    Sweet! You should try to hit the east coast in my area.
  14. Robert Butler

    hey man, hows the magic business

    hey man, hows the magic business
  15. Robert Butler

    Aether Cards & The Vortex Deck

    Hey everyone, were almost ready to release the second teaser for the Vortex Deck on twitter and on facebook. The support for this project has been very supprising. We only need 25 more followers on twitter before we release the teaser. but in the mean time I would like to ask you a question...
  16. Robert Butler

    Aether Cards & The Vortex Deck

    Eairly Concept Desing. First, let's talk about Aether. Aether is a project Robert Butler and Alexander Isaacs have started to accomplish what we set out to do: create decks. We have absolutely mind-blowing long-term goals in mind, but we can't get to those goals without first creating a...
  17. Robert Butler


    Hey everyone i've been working on a project called Albatross. Its a mix of magic and media in a artistic form. I've featured 2 videos on my Magicians Workshop channel. Please give me your feed back on the videos. As it is a new concept for me and the way i'm presenting it I would love as...
  18. Robert Butler

    anybody knows what this deck could be?

    Not sure what deck they are but i'm 100% sure it linen finish.
  19. Robert Butler

    Levitation - Real or Not?

    Sometimes you must set aside the strong desire to know how something works. The magician performing the levitation has achieved his goal. To mystify you and his audience. Respect the art and study it more. I assure if you focus on your studies then you will in time learn his method.
  20. Robert Butler

    Hows it going

    Hows it going
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