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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    2012... Card trick

    Completly impromtu and without gimmiks :) I'll reveal secret if we all survive in 2012 :)
  2. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    2012... Card trick Hey Guys. I just watched 2012 trailer and decided to create my version of 2012!:) Enjoy :). There is russian speach in video (I can't speak english well :))
  3. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    Nikon Film Festival - In The Cards : Short Film by Andrei Jikh

    Andrei, PRIVET MUJIK!!!:) VERY beauty vid. Your girlfriend is pretty cameraWOMAN :) And as alwayas very nice cardistry!!!
  4. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    Angles on the clip shift

    It's completly SURROUNDED! :) Realy. Just you need to do it perfect :)
  5. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    привет, как ты просил, снял ещё одно новое видео :)...

    привет, как ты просил, снял ещё одно новое видео :) Надеюсь, понравится...
  6. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    +YOURSTUFF // Trilogy Contest / Release Date Announced

    T11 T11, why you haven't answered on my question?
  7. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    +YOURSTUFF // Trilogy Contest / Release Date Announced

    To t11 HEY! T11. Garry, well done! :) Waiting for full DVD . Want to see your creation :) J.B., Dan and Dave and all T11 team... It could be cool to show us all vids from all members of this contest. Realy, PLZ create special THREAD in media section and post all vids (of course not Garry's...
  8. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    ПРИВЕТ! релаьно прикололо видео ваше!!! :)

    ПРИВЕТ! релаьно прикололо видео ваше!!! :)
  9. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    BULLETIN : andthensome +YOURSTUFF Contest

    Question to anybody from T11 T11. PLZ answer me. I've uploaded a vid. But I haven't recieved a confirmation letter on my e-mail. PLZ answer me have you recieved my vid? :) HURRY!!! :)
  10. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    BULLETIN : andthensome +YOURSTUFF Contest

    QUESTION to T11 Question to J.Bayme. Hey J.B. I've upload my vid right now. But how I can know that you recieved it? PLZ answer me have you recieved vid from Name of the file - f2009_DivX_low. Ohhh. And PLZ check out your PM. I've sent you a lettter :) PEACE. I'm waiting
  11. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    BULLETIN : andthensome +YOURSTUFF Contest

    THNZ Ben Long for help :) there on much royaly free music!!! :)
  12. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    BULLETIN : andthensome +YOURSTUFF Contest

    I think that T11 should make special music for this contest. Because we have trobles with music :)
  13. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    BULLETIN : andthensome +YOURSTUFF Contest

    Question to Dan and Dave Question to Dan and Dave. hey, guys!!! I have one more question. Can I use music from you trailer fro Trilogy and some music from TRILOGY DVD? THNX!!! :)
  14. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    BULLETIN : andthensome +YOURSTUFF Contest

    But how can I know is music roality free or no? :) I'm siruosly :)
  15. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    BULLETIN : andthensome +YOURSTUFF Contest

    WOW. I waited this tread... Mmmm. Dan and Dave and Theory11 I love you guys!!! :) SO PLZ answer me on some questions. I can make vid with demonstrating (trick, flourishes, everythingelse, andthesome e.t.c. :)) and with tutorial? can I make only perfomance vid? ANd what about music. Can I...
  16. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    Andthensome Review

    WOW I didn't expect that DVD will consist from so much AWESOMENESSS!!! ^) I'm happy. THNX for review. AWESOME. Can't wait it!!!
  17. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    andthensome / dananddave / First Teaser Posted

    Hello, Dan. Hello, Dave. Hello to all of you guys! :) Just seen it vid right now. What I can say. This DVD shoudl call "AWESOME". Because it's realy awesome moves (Ginastaire double, last Color change and some other moves in this teaser). WOW D&D. I can't say nothing , only "WOW!!!" Waiting...
  18. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    t11 - Eleven Days of Magic : Christmas Contest - DAY EIGHT WINNERS

    Great idea WOW. great idea, T11 team. I like it a lot! Realy great idea between hollidays! :) Too sorry for me that I can't take part in this competition :( SO it's allright. Good luck for winners. T11 4EVER!!!
  19. Evgeny_Pluzhnikov

    (db).bulletin : Split Spade : 2008 Image Awards - WINNERS POSTED

    WOW. Love idea with contest :) Very cool. Too sorry for me that I have'not good camera now to make a vid. I don't want to make a photo :) SO I'll see who'll win. Think it should be interesting!!!
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