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  1. shinichikudo992000

    "Segregation" in the Magic Community

    When will people learned to live together as one happy family? The segregation in magic had really made me sad lately. Everytime I think about this subject, it hurt the art in me. Why hate? Why do we divide ourselves and call ourselves this and that such as: Mentalist, purest, etc. Why? Can...
  2. shinichikudo992000

    What happened the THE WIRE?

    I realized that THE WIRE is vanished.
  3. shinichikudo992000

    Funny fact about Slydini's linking rings.

    While the young Slydini still lives in Italy (i think), he saw a man doing the Chinese linking rings. So, he desired to perform it also. Therefore, he went out and bought a set of rings. He went home and open the package; he found a piece of paper written in English (the instruction), and he...
  4. shinichikudo992000

    Magic Apple Jam

    Tricky Devil is hitting the magic apple. show up if you wanna jam.
  5. shinichikudo992000

    Coin Gaff Factory

    Hey guys, I'm into making soft coins. Does anyone know how to make one? If you know how, can you please shear your technique please? The current soft coin in the market is too expensive right now. Thanks for you helps.
  6. shinichikudo992000

    Questions about Sleightdini

    I really interested to know who is sleightdini, dose anyone know who he is?
  7. shinichikudo992000

    Magic Castle Audtion this month.

    Hear me hear me, The Magic Castle is Open up for junior audition this moth (the last Saturday of September, September 26th). Everyone who are between 13 and 20 may attend the audition. More information can be found in this link provided. This...
  8. shinichikudo992000

    Inspiration comes from everywhere

    This is a bit off topic, but it's a very inspirational poem. Read it and once and read it again with intensity. Loveless Prologue (Poem) When the war of the beasts brings about the world’s end The goddess descends from the sky Wings of light and dark spread afar She guides us to bliss, her...
  9. shinichikudo992000

    How do you keep your coins when you're out performing?

    I have been in coin magic lately, every time I'm trying to get (palm) a coin from my pocket, either it make noise or it's interfere with other object in my pocket. What is your best recommend how should I keep my coin for emergencies tricks? thanks in advance.
  10. shinichikudo992000

    Ray Cosby's Raise Rise

    After long break from his DVD, I finally come back and tries to mastering his Raise Rise effect, but I'm having trouble with the ambitious raiser card sleight. He did not go over it well enough on the dvd. Does anyone know where I can find more info about this sleight?
  11. shinichikudo992000

    Stage Magic Research

    This is not one of those thread that asking for help about stage magic, I just want to brainstorming you guys, the reader. Direction: 1. Name your top three favorite stage effect in priority order. (1 is best, 3 is semi best) 2. Funny or serious, silent , or mixed act? 3. Name your...
  12. shinichikudo992000

    Justin Miller's Autograph review

    Excuse my English, I'm not very good at writing. But I have to write this review. Justin, you did it again. Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful effect. Personally I loved it. In fact, I was performed this trick this morning; I got everyone in the group with their jaw droped...
  13. shinichikudo992000

    Happy New Year Everyone

    Today, new year based on our native language is "Tet" aka Chinese New Year. I Wish everyone have a great new year, more money for what you do, the economy gets better, and luck be on your side.
  14. shinichikudo992000

    Funny Magic Parody Battle

    the challenge is to make a parody of a funny video w/ or w/o magic in it. Anyone up for it?
  15. shinichikudo992000

    Magic Websites

    I need to see the world other than T11 and E, what other magic website out there you guys recommend? thank you.
  16. shinichikudo992000

    Theory11 Videos

    I have notice lately that Andrei is edit the videos. I wonder what's Wayne and Dana doing? Are they working on the TOOC project? or are they working on some other secret project that T11 is hiding from us.......I just wonders.......:rolleyes:
  17. shinichikudo992000

    Copper Silver Tricks...

    I want to combine Digital Dissolve w/ some other impromtu copper/silver effect. like u do the impromtu version and then do the impossible, visible way. what copper/silver effect would u recommend? and I have only one copper coin so the trick from Chriss Kenner from the 1 on 1 doesn't...
  18. shinichikudo992000

    T11 Video Production

    as everyone know, T11 have the most awesome video editing in the industry. We all know that the legendary Danna made all the video w/ his amazing mind. I just wonder what kind of sound effect that he's used to make his videos.
  19. shinichikudo992000

    Gecko Questions

    I have bought the Gecko for like 1 month now, I'm in constant practice and study the props, but I can't figured out how to set up the Gecko to fit me properly. The DVD didn't go over how to fit the Gecko on you at all, so if anyone know how to do this, please PM me and help me out. Thanks in...
  20. shinichikudo992000

    Magic Castle Audition

    As you guys know this last Saturday of this month, the Magic Castle opens for Audition; Everyone who made it to the junior program, can you guys tell me it's the audition hard? what do I need to do that will guarantee that I will have a greater chance to pass the audition. Please help me, and...
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