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  1. shinichikudo992000

    Card force with 10-15 cards or less

    try classic spelling force, for example, hot rod/color stick effect
  2. shinichikudo992000

    Invisible vs Tarantula?

    my answer is neither, based on your story you do not have much experience in thread magic so I highly not recommend dropping a big junk of your money on these devices. Instead, buy the classic UFO floating card trick and master it. The UFO trick is the fundamental of invisible thread work, so...
  3. shinichikudo992000

    Hey Guys

    1) Do it one more time... 2) You said that last time! 1) I know, just do it again 1) Ok, that's good, do it one more time... 2) That what you said last time. 1) I know practice makes perfect.
  4. shinichikudo992000

    Problems with Fraud by Danny Garcia

    I've done this trick dozen of time and I don't have any of these problems. Try using a fairly new bill, see if it helps.
  5. shinichikudo992000

    I want to start over

    more info for Slydini magic is that it required that you are sitting at a table. If you are a stand-up up-close guy, then Slydini's magic would not be your best interest. But his theory and psychological misdirection in magic is excellent; I would read his books for that.
  6. shinichikudo992000

    Cold hands

    Well, believe it or not, this happens is due to poor circulation in your body. Try workout a little more, especially cardio, it will make you looks good and enhance your magic even more.
  7. shinichikudo992000

    Who Here Are Members of The Magic Castle

    that's dope man, btw this is Tricky Devil
  8. shinichikudo992000

    theory11 Website Elite

    its the new way of sucking money out of our pocket.
  9. shinichikudo992000

    Who Here Are Members of The Magic Castle

    I performed there hundreds of time, and yes I'm a member. Everytime im there, I feels like I'm home; that's how good it felt. One time Zach Galifianakis was in my show.
  10. shinichikudo992000

    This is Brian Tudor

    Then you know nothing about Brian Tudor.
  11. shinichikudo992000

    Make Believe Documentary No it's not, Director: J. Clay Tweel this documentary was originally was about the junior group at the magic castle, but over the year they changed their direction. I still like it though.
  12. shinichikudo992000

    How to return to original order?

    the best and easiest way is to do a bunch of false shuffles.
  13. shinichikudo992000

    Schoolcraft at Magic-con 2012

    why don't you contact directly with him?
  14. shinichikudo992000

    Magic Castle Junior Auditions This Saturday

    Darn, I though ppl forgot who I really
  15. shinichikudo992000

    Magic Castle Junior Auditions This Saturday

    im planing to tryout, do you have any advice?
  16. shinichikudo992000


    Theory11 did not produced Wynn, they just mysteriously acquired them from "somewhere".
  17. shinichikudo992000

    Kush Change.

    its basically Erdnase change so I would say yes it's been published before.
  18. shinichikudo992000

    Eco Card Clip

    I highly recommend that you use bamboo as the stock because it is highly flexible and if you have the 2 large wall of the clip aiming inward then this invention will be alot better than proper clip and since you already know bamboo is good then I have no other inputs. Looking forward to guy...
  19. shinichikudo992000

    Quick stage magic set

    How about not doing the gig at all, so you have more time to practice nerves controlling?
  20. shinichikudo992000

    Approaching Restaurants

    your book is not out dated, trust me on that. Read it and applies the concept.
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