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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. MalibuARMY

    Magicians are like "cover bands"

    It's funny because at the castle I find the performing magicians like myself tend to like to make the connection between magic and music. For me it is the tour (The week you perform) and then the break and creation time is what is left. Yes there are "cover bands" but we do stand on the...
  2. MalibuARMY

    Hilarious Deck Spoof

    I just like the satire of it. A lot of the new deck trailers look like they are not selling playing cards but the holy grail.
  3. MalibuARMY

    Hilarious Deck Spoof I love it.
  4. MalibuARMY

    Hilarious Magic Review-Wizard Product Review Hey I love to watch the Wizard Product Review and this episode is without a doubt my favorite. You might like it too. It's just that bad.
  5. MalibuARMY

    Schoolcraft at Magic-con 2012

    Heya, I was wondering if anyone knew if Schoolcraft will be coming to Magic-con this year. I've been saving up to get a deans set and everyone says it is best to buy in person to be sure everything is right with the coins. I think Jamie was at the last magic-con but I'm not sure. I'm sure...
  6. MalibuARMY

    Magic Castle Junior Auditions This Saturday

    I think that's his joke.
  7. MalibuARMY

    Close up competitions for teens

    I'm in Los Angeles, USA. Sorry about that. And to answer goatears I am with the magic castle and though I am not in an IBM or SAM I would like to check them out. I am interested in a bigger type of competition though.
  8. MalibuARMY

    Close up competitions for teens

    Well the title says it. Does anyone know of some good ones that I could check out?
  9. MalibuARMY

    Magic Castle Junior Auditions This Saturday

    Hey gang it's been a while since I've been on but things have been crazy. I haven't really been on since July of LAST YEAR. Future Stars Week went by in a flash but it was great fun performing at night. I tell you, inebriated spectators can be the best kind. After that came the biggest burn out...
  10. MalibuARMY

    Help a Noob

    You're not a Noob. Everyone in the history of magic started where you are now. I think that's a pretty awesome thing. Keep up the good work.
  11. MalibuARMY

    Video interviews about skepticism and teenagers.

    I don't have a clue man. Sorry. Thinking about teenagers though, we are so much in an environment (high school) where we must be sharp because as much as we are with people we are against people just with the surrounding and I think that's why many teenagers feel the need to speak up even if...
  12. MalibuARMY

    Coin bite effect is it outdated ?

    I wouldn't worry if something seems outdated. If it's performed nicely then it's performed nicely and that's really what matters. Personally, I never got the coin bite. I don't like to put money in my mouth and I don't think it makes sense to bite a coin. It seems the effect is in the...
  13. MalibuARMY

    That Can't Be Max Maven… If it is I think he let himself go. :P
  14. MalibuARMY

    Rhyming with Magic Presentations

    Hey, I love to tell stories with my magic and so I've been watching a lot of Barry & Stuarts magic. I love how they tell stories with their magic but also how they also rhyme with their presentations. How Barry does magic and Stuart narrates in rhyme. Does anyone else know of any magicians that...
  15. MalibuARMY

    # of Tricks for Walkaround?

    I stand corrected good sir.
  16. MalibuARMY

    # of Tricks for Walkaround?

    I may not have as much to say compared to some other guys but I feel my two cents might help. One of the most rewarding experiences for a magician is performing walk around magic at an event. You can get so much feedback by listening to your audience and just from performing you can gain...
  17. MalibuARMY

    Magic castle on fire?

    I just got off the phone with my friend Bill (The Librarian for the Castle). Yeah, turns out it started at about 12:30 and it hit the attic. Started from a blowtorch that the workers were using on the roof. Smart idea to use a blowtorch on a 100 year old building that is basically one big piece...
  18. MalibuARMY

    Bunny Magic XD

    You know what, you're right. I shouldn't be afraid. It would be sweet to bring that effect back and maybe revamp it. Thanks, also Captain McMiffles. You might be onto something but my last bunny committed suicide because I gave him a name he was ashamed of so… I'll think about it. Ya can't go...
  19. MalibuARMY

    Which cards do you use?

    Arrcos - I love the feel, they are like the T11 decks but have a much better design. Yeah I said it. And Pokémon cards - No comment Keep Running, –Anna
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