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  1. FatalAce

    Looking for Smoke & Mirror Decks

    Hey guys. I'm looking to buy some "special edition" (second edition) smoke and mirror decks. I'm looking to buy 3 smokes and 3 mirrors. If anyone is interested in selling, please PM me so we can work out a deal. Thanks!
  2. FatalAce

    White Centurions

    Hey guys. A few of you guys have been asking me for some white centurions but I always said I wasn't selling. Well, I've decided to sell one of them on ebay at a very low price. So, I'm posting this thread to let you guys as well as others know about this great deal. Please don't think I'm...
  3. FatalAce

    Magazine Question

    I just have a quick question on some magic magazines. There are 2 main ones that I hear about all the time. Magic Magazine and Genii. I'm thinking about subscribing to one of them but I haven't the money to subscribe to both. I was just wondering about your opinions about both magazines and...
  4. FatalAce

    Production Notes

    Hey guys. I'm currently in the process of making some notes on some productions of mine. I just wanted to inform you guys and was wondering how many of you would be interested in them. It will contain 7 productions. 4 "1 card productions" and 3 "4 card productions". All of them are super...
  5. FatalAce

    Holiday Contest?

    Hey guys. Maybe I'm just be being impatient but doesn't the Holiday contest start today? Or am I mistaken?
  6. FatalAce

    Top Shot Battle

    Hey guys. I haven't been on for a while and I think it's time for another battle. =) How about a top shot battle! 1) Any deck, any editting 2) Limit to 10 top shots 3) Any sort of variation on the top shot as long as it still contains and remains a top shot (example: Flipping the second...
  7. FatalAce

    Genii Question

    Hey guys. I've been keeping my eye on the Genii Magazine. I think I finally might subscribe. But, I have a few quick questions. First of all, do the magazines teach sleights and tricks? (Sorry if this is a stupid question). And, would you recommend it? Is the stuff any good? Thanks guys!
  8. FatalAce

    Cardistry Battle :: Voting Open

    Hey guys. Voting is now open for CARDISTRY BATTLE between me and Sam Woody. And...Wow. This looks like the closest battle yet! We would love to hear what ya'll think. Thanks!
  9. FatalAce

    Variation :: Voting Open

    Hey guys. Just wanted to inform you that the battle between myself and magicman1212 is now open for voting: We would love to hear your feedback on both videos. Thanks! Vote for your favorite! EDIT: Just a quick note about my video: I know it...
  10. FatalAce

    Double Lift Battle

    Hey guys. Anyone up for a double lifts battle? No time limit. Perform as many double lifts as you can. Any kind of editing. ONLY double lifts. Any takers?
  11. FatalAce

    Magic/Flourishing Battle?

    Hey, does anyone want to battle? Anything to do with cards. Magic or flourishing. The deadline has to be 1 day. Any takers?
  12. FatalAce

    Table Flourishing Battle

    Hey guys. I had a neat idea for a battle. Table flourishing. Here would be the rules: 1. Perform as many TABLE flourishes as you want. 2. Video has no time limit. 3. Flourishes can start in the hands but has to incorperate a table one way or another. 4. Productions are allowed as long as...
  13. FatalAce

    1 Card Productions Battle

    Hey guys. I already did a 4 card productions battle. So, why not a 1 card production battle! Here would be the rules. 1 Video has no time limit 2. Perform as many 1 card productions as you want. (Popout moves, hotshot cuts, basically anything where 1 card is singled out of the deck). 3...
  14. FatalAce

    Flourish Battle

    Hey guys. Anyone up for a flourishing battle? Pretty simple rules. Just a average, nothing special, flourish video. Here would be the rules: 1. Video has no time limit 2. Only flourishes, color changes and productions (no "magic") 3. Any kind of editing. 4. Any kind of music 5. All...
  15. FatalAce

    Card Poster

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a good poster to hang on my wall that has something to do with cards. Does anyone remember the poster that used to be selling at Dan and Dave's old site? I can't remember the artist's name so I can't search for it anywhere. And, does anyone know any good card posters...
  16. FatalAce

    Voting Open: The Queens

    Hey guys. I normally wouldn't start a thread telling that voting has opened for a battle but I think this deserves one. I was really surprised by how close our videos are. Please vote and tell us what you think about each of our videos. =)
  17. FatalAce

    The Queens Battle

    Hey guys. Just cancelled a battle so I might was well make another. =P I was wondering if anyone is interested in a battle with the trick The Queens. Here would be the rules: 1. No time limit. 2. Must be original 3. Any kind of music 4. Any kind of editing. 5. Bottom line: Perform a...
  18. FatalAce

    Molecule Battle

    Hey guys. I'm ready for another battle. I had an idea of a Molecule Cut Battle. Here would be the rules: Perform as many of Dan and Dave's Molecule cuts as many times as you like. (You can do all 4 of them or just 1 of them, 2 of them, etc) Any kind of editing is allowed. Any kind of music...
  19. FatalAce

    Ace Production Battle

    Hey guys. I was just wondering if anyone wanted to have an ace productions battle with me. Here are some rules I had in mind. As long or as short as you want. As many ace productions as you want. Only ace productions (unless a flourish is used to do your production) All don't HAVE to be...
  20. FatalAce

    Eko Question

    Hey guys. I'm having a bit of a problem with Dan and Dave's cut named Eko. The only part I'm having trouble on is the part after the 360 spin of the packet on the right hand, when you cut off a 4th packet. Whenever I do it, it always lands sideways and falls off when I try to close the cut. Any...
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