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    Brad Christian

    I personally was just annoyed at Brad Christian after seeing his How To Do Street Magic DVD. In the DVD he teaches effects that aren't his but he changes the names and doesn't credit the original creators. I also was a bit annoyed at how he would do an erdnase change and talk about the...
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    Another Dresscode question

    I don't really see how answering this question really exposes anything. As for the tie, I haven't experimented with proper ties, but I know for sure that a clip-on tie would work fine. You could change the shirt and wear the same tie over it even.
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    Getting rid of an excess object

    So if I'm correct, in the end of Greed you end with a coin and a gimmick that you need to conceal. I recommend you lean forward to hand out the coin and ditch the gimmick in your back pocket quickly. Or, if you don't want to hand it out, simply toss the coin in the air and quickly ditch the...
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    The Revelation Effect BY: The Mind Reader

    Okay your review pretty much makes me think that you're the person who created this effect or something. I mean honestly there's no way you can give something THAT perfect of a review. Oh and "a very old method revamped for the new age" basically just means that it's not his creation at all...
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    Carta-Mundi: Casino Deck

    Oh my god. I have never seen anyone put this much effort into reviewing a 2 pound pack of cards.
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    What is the best product theory11 has?

    When you are considering buying a trick, think this one question. If I was really magic, would I do this? There are very few effects that you can answer yes to that question with, but those are the effects that will make your reputation.
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    Flipper Coin Questions

    I'm not necesarily looking for where to buy a flipper coin but rather the differences between the different types.
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    Flipper Coin Questions

    Okay so let me just say up front that I love flipper coins. I think they're a great gimmick. Unfortunately, I don't like the fact that they can break easily and will only last for a certain amount of time. My previous flipper coin broke within 3 days of its purchase. I know that you can...
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    What do you do for your opening trick?

    Oh yeah and just a heads up, there's another version of this thread that still has this link up. Just an fyi.
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    What do you do for your opening trick?

    I watched your first video, and there was definitely some type of effect done to your voice in order to deepen it. That's what I'm talking about. And I'm don't have a problem with you doing magic at all. Magic is a great hobby and I'm glad that you want to do that. I'm not making fun of you...
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    Please stop revealing magic on YouTube.

    Please stop revealing magic on YouTube.
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    What do you do for your opening trick?

    Okay, removing the link to your video doesn't help with exposure. Just stop exposing magic altogether. You are exposing moves that you did not create and they are not yours to teach. Exposure is very frowned upon here. Don't just remove the link, remove the videos, and don't expose. It's...
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    Impulse Change good or bad

    This change has already been created before, so it's not yours to create a tutorial for. This is exposure and that's very frowned upon here.
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    Wow 2.0

    Um...are you watching the right video? The wow change is pretty much the most visible change available.
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    Which is a better 3 Fly Routine?

    Just a quick question: What's a sliding shell? I've never heard of those.
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    Which is a better 3 Fly Routine?

    Thanks a lot for your advice. I still have a few questions though. Does MET require soft coins or does it just help. Also, is MET just as visual as Pretty Fly?
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    Which is a better 3 Fly Routine?

    I noticed that Vanishing Inc. now was a 3 fly routine named Pretty Fly that looks like a pretty standard routine to add to my repertoire. I have quite a bit of coin experience, yet I've never learned a solid 3 fly routine. I was considering purchasing this when I noticed that the same website...
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    Strip by Jose JaC'Quest Review

    You actually were partially right about me not viewing the thread again for awhile. My reactions from this have been nothing short of amazing. It's extremely visual and they can inspect it to their heart's content. I really love it.
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    Wow 1/2.0

    Yeah no problem. I'm glad to help. This is one of my favorite effects. If you find the product on Penguin Magic, there's a podcast of Alvo Stockman talking about it and he describes how he uses the gimmick and his justification for using the sleeve. It's a great idea and that's how I use...
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    Wow 1/2.0

    There are two versions of WOW 2.0. One has a face down gimmick and the other has a face up gimmick. Both have different applications, however I prefer the face-up version which isn't sold on E for some reason. You can buy it from Penguin Magic though. WOW 1 is the same as the face up version...
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