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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. daspazzz

    Give Us a Prize Worth Fighting For!

    I think if instead of having an SNC every week with cards as prizes, we should have a contest once a month with awesome prizes
  2. daspazzz

    Someone Really Likes Your Cards

    daninca patrick?
  3. daspazzz

    Announcement - Three New Moderators : Welcome Aboard!

    good choices. I give this my approval
  4. daspazzz

    Criss Angel... magician of the century?

    So.... who cares? This doesn't really effect us that all
  5. daspazzz

    Criss Angel on Wrestling

    ive gotten better reactions from full grown men then from those two girls.
  6. daspazzz

    New Beginnings - PDF

    may I ask why you are making an ebook?
  7. daspazzz

    Saturday Night Contest - Objects In Motion

    good luck to every one
  8. daspazzz

    Guardians... no support?!

    here his your support
  9. daspazzz

    T11 members:: What magic effects are you performing?

    2 card transpo ACR Pointless my packet routine my sandwich routine a lot of rubberband stuff portal thats what I do most of the time, not in that order but I also do other tricks if I need to
  10. daspazzz

    Saturday Night Contest - The Lucky Magic Lotto

    I do believe you just got owned
  11. daspazzz

    Saturday Night Contest - The Lucky Magic Lotto

    wait I just changed mine.
  12. daspazzz

    Saturday Night Contest - The Lucky Magic Lotto

    has any one won yet?
  13. daspazzz

    Saturday Night Contest - The Lucky Magic Lotto

    you took my guess GRRRR! Double Backer
  14. daspazzz

    // Official 1-on-1 Discussion Thread \\ ill just leave this here
  15. daspazzz

    Saturday Night Contest - Collective Brainstorm : Round III

    havent we already had this contest twice already?
  16. daspazzz

    Online Lecture For Haiti "Two ways of donating your $10USD to the people of Haiti: 1. Post a video of yourself in here showing that you texted ‘Haiti’ to 90999, thus making a $10 donation to the Red Cross (Applicable only in the USA) 2. Go to this link...
  17. daspazzz

    David Blaine's new stunt

    it might not be true then.....
  18. daspazzz

    Major hype!

    one of those looks like a british flag.
  19. daspazzz

    Major hype!

    it is a teaser for some upcoming project they are doing.
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