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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Eclipse14000

    Lost and Found 1st flourishing video

    Critique? I know people have better flourishing but Im a noob so give me advice on everything editing did you like the video what can make it better? thanks so much guys Credits: Senses fail Andy Glass Dan and Dave Daniel Madison Ambros
  2. Eclipse14000

    Self created coin trick

    okay im going to get killed with this one but who wants to do a self created coin trick? i know im going to get killed cause someone like holo is going to come rape me from behind lov ya holo ;) but im game to start a battle any takers?
  3. Eclipse14000

    Voting open for Sandwich effect Vote I like urs dizzi very creative
  4. Eclipse14000


    Tell me how ya like it
  5. Eclipse14000


    anyone wanna? Rules: -Do a sandwich effect
  6. Eclipse14000

    In Thought

    this is my reset routine i know uve seen a reset routine before and ur probably asking your self why again? I want to work on my patter and i want comments some about the trick but mostly on the patter. like if you liked it what i could inprove ect...
  7. Eclipse14000

    Created card trick
  8. Eclipse14000

    Voting for Color Change Routine merry christmas
  9. Eclipse14000

    Live Battle

    live battle do something live
  10. Eclipse14000

    Created Card trick

    Lets do one of these no camera tricks no editing to enhance the video must be entertaining
  11. Eclipse14000

    Inpromptu 5 speed, 3 speed tell me what ya think
  12. Eclipse14000

    Reset my reset 1st shot give me pointers
  13. Eclipse14000

    Color Change Practice Routine tell me what ya think -Nelson/A.S.A.R or you can watch it here if you feel so inclined
  14. Eclipse14000


    I dont know how often wild card got on this site but he was killed in a drive by yesterday this is a post from his father on another site "Wildcard" died in a drive by shooting 12/24/08. This is his father David. I was going through Hayden's history on his computer and it seemed that he was a...
  15. Eclipse14000

    Display Video

    hey guys whats up im here and i wanna make a video with you guys in it! can you send me a pic of you doing a favorite display, the name of the display, your name that you want in the video and the creater of the display, these can be original or not but lets make this a long video so send me...
  16. Eclipse14000

    Voting open for the Queens vote for your favorite
  17. Eclipse14000

    Tivo 3.0 please comment and rate and tell me what you think
  18. Eclipse14000

    The Queens

    Who wants to do a queens battle? rules can be discussed
  19. Eclipse14000

    Color Change Battle

    ok first off if your going to post something like "Another color change battle... ugh" just dont! I wanna do one so here are the rules 2 days to enter title and credits ok but no other editing can have music have fun say the pledge (just kidding)
  20. Eclipse14000

    Sybil in the Rain just watch its funny
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