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  1. Creeper

    Isolated by Franky Morales

    had to come out from under the rock for this. has anyone read the description for this video? In case you missed it- "A relatively new genre of Cardistry. Isolations is a concept that can be applied to all different types categories such as close up, stage, or on video. This will impress...
  2. Creeper

    theory11 cards?

    are they not printing their decks anymore or something? how come everything but guardians is sold out?
  3. Creeper

    Ccc 2010

    theres already a buttload of contests going on this summer, one more won't hurt. All the good people are quitting, so organize another ccc before they are gone foreverz...I posted this hear because the flourish forum gets less attention then a neglected step-child. whaddya say?
  4. Creeper

    Most likely the most deceptive false shuffle...EVER

    yo guys, can't really say whose this is, or how I learned it...I will probably get in trouble for showing you, but I think you guys have the right to see it. This might be the greatest false shuffle of all time. Easy as pie, and looks like a regular riffle shuffle. all the pros have talked...
  5. Creeper

    Eric Mead Triumph?

    Yo guys, Just watched a clip of Eric Mead on youtube, and man, this guy might be the most entertaining magicians I've seen in a long long while. In the video- He performs a version of triumph that knocked me out of my chair. Any of you know what...
  6. Creeper

    The Be Kind Change by Tony Chang

    yo, thought I'd write up a quick review of the new 1on1 by the boss of all bosses Tony Chang...yeah... As you can see in the preview the change is quite visual. Unfortunatly this comes with a price. This move is a little angly. Personally, Im a very short guy, so almost everything I do is...
  7. Creeper

    GENESIS v1 by Andrei Jikh - Review

    Hey guys, finished watching this a couple hours ago, so I thought I would post my first thoughts on it. I obviously haven’t mastered the techniques shown so I can’t talk about them in an audience reaction sense, but I’ll try my best to give my opinions on the material provided. Enough chitter...
  8. Creeper

    The first step - Let's Rebuild

    Sup guys, had an idea, thought Id share, hopefully you will agree. Yes Im a random forum dude but Ive seen some stuff and Id like to think I know what Im talking about. I think this community has potential and to bring that out I think new people need a little guidance. First off, I want to be...
  9. Creeper

    Agatha - Irving Quant

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, just bought this, practicing as we speak, so I thought I'd write a review. I'll update this later when I perform it, I just felt I should write this review as there is an issue I have with the effect...
  10. Creeper

    ANACONDA DVD REVIEW - Not what you think...

    Hey guys, got my Anaconda dvd in the mail today, watched it, so I thought I'd write up a little review. I'm going to get a lot of flack from this, but I don't think I've ever been so dissapointed with a flourishing dvd. Atleast I laughed my ass off at Showoff 3. First of all, I knew I wasn't...
  11. Creeper

    What is wrong with this site?

    "Everyone in the cardistry community can s*ck my d*ck. Not like they're too busy performing anyway. I find it laughable that you continue to insult me without actually telling me what's wrong in what I said. Am I wrong in thinking that the majority of flourishers don't perform? Incidentally, it...
  12. Creeper

    In-Depth Review - The Rising Card Application by Chris Kenner

    Hey guys, Thought I'd write my own review for this, since the other one doesn't give that much info. mmmk. What they say- Friggin Apple won't let me copy and paste, so just read JBs post What I say- This thing is awesome. This is the first app I've ever bought(Yet not the first payed...
  13. Creeper

    Late CCC Videos

    A couple groups like Luka, Brendan, Spencer, and FunwithAces made videos for the CCC but couldnt get them up in time. I think if your a day late it shouldn't matter. What do you think? Should they be allowed in the contest? I can't seem to find FunwithAces video. It was on youtube yesterday...
  14. Creeper

    The Venus Trap by Chris "Orbit" Brown

    Havent posted a review here in forever, so here ya go. This sleight was released on Friday, and I've devoted all my weekend practice time(A lot, I don't have to sleep over the summer, so atleast 15 hours) Its a cool sleight, but I should say, if your an intermediate or advanced cardman...
  15. Creeper


    its been more than a year since the last Cardistry Collab Contest. When is the next one coming up? I posted this here because more people will see it, considering not a lot of people look at the cardistry section of the forum. So, what do you guys think? Another CCC?
  16. Creeper

    Do We Need Another Black Deck?

    The issue arose in another thread, and I just wanted to see other peoples opinions. I know I'm not alone on this one. Would you guys want to see another custom deck, whether it would be from E, T11, or wherever, thats black? I personally wouldn't, but thats just my personal preference...
  17. Creeper

    Undercover Switch - Kostya Kimlat

    Hey guys, haven't been active here in a while, thought I'd post a review of DnD's newest "On Demand" download, featuring Kostya kimlat, of RoadRunner Cull fame. I don't have the Cull dvd, but I'm yet to hear a bad thing about it. I heard he was a fantastic teacher, so I went ahead and bought...
  18. Creeper

    The Ishkabibble Sandwich by Eric Jones

    Creeper in the house. I never thought I would buy a 1on1 that didn't have anything to do with my lord and savior Andrei Jikh, but I saw this one by Mr. Jones and I bought it for 2 reasons. It looks friggin amazing, and I was actually a fan of Eric Jones, even though I didn't know it. I remember...
  19. Creeper

    1on1 Section Down

    Is this section not working for any of you guys? It has the five section titles at the top, but no video whatsoever is displayed.
  20. Creeper

    Happy Birthday JB

    Happy birfday JB, even though its tommorow. don't know how old you are, I'm guessing mid-fifties...
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