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    how bad criss angel believe is

    i found this video on itricks of paul carr discussing how bad criss angel's show is
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    Self Working Card Tricks

    are there any hard hitting self working card tricks?IF you know any can you provide the sources?
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    Card Trick in Space

    james randi does a card trick in outer space with a scientist how is it done?
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    Derren Brown - Subway Amnesia
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    Are you an atheist?

    i was wondering if anyone of you are atheists.i strongly believe that skepticism and magic go hand in hand.Some famous atheist magicians are james randi,banachek,Penn and teller...
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    Mad TV - Criss Angel
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    Daniel Garcia - Sharpie Ad
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    Todd oliver and his dog Irving.
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    How long can you hold your breath?

    i can only do 1:15
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    Criss Angel Joking
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    Paranormal Phenomenon

    is it ok to post topics on supposedly paranormal phenomenon?btw i am a skeptic.
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    Coin Rolls Per Minute

    how many coin rolls can you do per minute?i cannot go more that 21 rolls per minute.
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    New Stooge Product check it out and post comments.
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    Best self working card effect.

    i want to know what is the best self working card effect you do.When i say self working card there is absolutely no sleight involved,not even a break,or a set fav is "chromatic paper" from karl fulves' your fav ones.
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    Lennart Green at TED this is a performance video by lennart green at TED.Watch it completely and post your comments.
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    Anyone heard of this?

    there are 3 spectators.the deck is shuffled by one of the three.The first spectator is asked to name a number between 10 and 20.he names 17.he deals 17 cards and holds them.the second spec is asked to name a number between 10 and 20.he names 12.he deals 12 cards and holds them.the third spec is...
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    Inspiring Magic Videos post your opinions.
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    Unseen David Blaine Clips
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    Christian CA Fans The above website claims that criss angel is an antichrist and they quote from the bible.I dont believe in it.I am not christian.I think they are using facts to support their own conclusions. So what do...
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    By Forces Unseen - Clip The above video contains effects from "by forces unseen"-by earnest earick.It is performed by some guy named charles hsu.He is really good at this.The material he does on the video is kinda tough.THose who have the book might know.
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