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    Coin Under Watch

    Though a pretty old topic, I don't see what's wrong with reviving. I just gotta say, genius!! Would be awesome if you repeated that, and then filmed the vanish - production sequence. Huge props! How was the reaction?
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    More of my thoughts!

    Interesting thoughts on the sense of feeling. I would agree that using suggestions are great, yet the ultimate would always be to actually do it (e.x make the coin very slightly vibrate in the spectators hand, using a gimmicked coin, and then pull it our of their hand, Tommy Wonder style)...
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    Going into a different field.

    1) You are completely missing my point. As far as I know (admittedly my card magic knowledge is limited) ACR is one of the most classical card effects, and it gets amazing reactions. Like we just discussed, it is indeed illogical, but how many times have you not maybe yourself amazed people with...
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    Ways to show both hands empty while they cointain a coin

    Just like chicken mentioned, I think the Dragon Grip you're talking about is the J.W grip (the most popular name, though it has plenty more). For your three fly I would strongly suggest that you make any form of vanish, and then use the J.W grip to display that your hand is empty. You can...
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    Going into a different field.

    Interesting pattern, still, how do you justify taking the card and putting it in faced down? Didn't really get that. The main problem I see here is that by your bad experience of coin magic as a spectator (which I still don't see where it fully came from, watched some bad performances...
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    Going into a different field.

    "I do very simple effects for the reason being I'm not very good with cards, not even that reason alone actually. I don't see reasons doing a transpo like Tivo 2.0 when I can easily prepare myself and just use a dupe. Direct and simple magic, not necessarily simple as in sleights but simple to...
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    Going into a different field.

    There are some things in here that's really bugging me. "If you aren't very good with practicing or getting stuff down with your clumsy hands then you are still in luck but you will have to limit yourself, if only for a bit, to the easier effects" This is ridiculous, you should never limit...
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    Coin Work Questions

    I want to point out that Chris Kenner would stress the fact that large coins is of the essence. Now I don't fully agree that it's a must have, but it certainly makes things more visual and impossible. The best way for us to find your "flaws" is by you recording a video of yourself doing the...
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    Voting Open|| 4 Coin Production Battle

    Ohh my bad. Willabbotsm: The main thing I react to in your video is that you start off by showing yourself in an unnatural position. There was not much to it, not you just preparing yourself, just moving your hands around casually, nothing. The main issue here is not that I wish for a...
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    MAGIC-CON 2010 : Definitive Recommended Reading List

    Wow, amazing thread! Why isn't this stickied yet?
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    If there was faults in the forums resulting in your departure, I do believe you almost owe it to the community to state the reasons out loud. Other than that, it's ashame you're leaving, I didn't know much about you and I have not yet had time to build a proper opinion of you (though my...
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    Voting Open|| 4 Coin Production Battle

    C'mon, it doesn't take 18 hours to upload the video again. I would really like to see this battle happening.
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    Muscle Pass

    Popped blisters on your hand? If anyone asks, you got cut in a bar fight. I've heard a lot of stories about people getting bleeding wounds due to intensive muscle pass training. Now if they got blisters and popped them, I wouldn't know, and it never happened to me since I've never found a...
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    Magic product you would NEVER recommend.

    Wow, not sure what you tried to accomplish there. Wasn't funny, an inside joke or even logical. Just a display of your lack of manners towards fellow magicians. Hopefully people will look down on you like you look down on those who are above you.
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    The PopChris Project:// Cartoon

    Good job on the performance, you keep eye contact and don't appear to be one bit intimidated, impressive, keep it up! At first I could have sworn the guy you performed for was Björn from Soilwork.
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    Christian Magic

    Thanks for your enlightened and elaborated theory. I'm going to assume you're a atheist, it makes me cringe to know that we're supposedly on the same side. Now seeing as you have 1.6k posts and still have not realized that magic is an art, is indeed intimidating. For a heavily religious...
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    Christian Magic

    Hmm I understand what you're getting at. But if we give the whole matter a new point of view. If you wish to further his kingdom, you wish to reach out to more people, correct? Then that must also mean that in order to get a larger audience, your main priority must be to please your...
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    Christian Magic

    Hmm interesting view on the matter. Do you believe it's more important to spread the gospel than it is to make your performance magical? I definitely think your performances will be badly hurt unless you put the audience and their magical experience as your first priority. I kind of get the...
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    Christian Magic

    Pensyko I would like to know what you have achieved out of this thread so far. There has been a lot of interesting and valid points and I'd like to point out what mr.Epic Ice said, that it could easily backfire. Good point, it could also be a great tool for you to express yourself, but I'm just...
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    4 Coin Production

    Almost every time there's a coin battle someone seems to chicken out. Don't disappoint us guys! It's going to be an awesome battle no doubt.
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