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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Mitch.Conroy

    THAT was the "Dive of Death"?

    Hi Everybody! , Just finished watching the special. Ending was lame. I actually thought he hung himself on national TV. Definitely had an "OH MY GOD" moment right there. Magic performances were spot on. Fraud routine was classic. Overall, it was ok. Peace, Mitch.Conroy
  2. Mitch.Conroy


    Very true, sir. Very true. And where did you get a GL2 for that cheap?!?!?!? Mitch.Conroy
  3. Mitch.Conroy


    Oh god! I want a Canon XH A1 Like you wouldn't believe. That is by far the best HD camcorder out now. Until the XL H1 comes out. :D But if you don't want HD, Go with a GL2 or a XL1. For about 1.5 to 2k, best bang for the buck without having to know too too much about cameras. Peace...
  4. Mitch.Conroy


    Haha. Yeah, DC's are crap. For the money, MiniDV is going to be your best bet. It's universal, relatively cheap, and easy to transport. My suggestion, JVC, Sony, or Canon takes the bag for cameras.'s forums has a sticky on camcorders. Thats a good start. Try to find something...
  5. Mitch.Conroy

    Problem at School

    Thrall, you can ask as much as you want to ignore my words. It's just a difference of where we grew up and how we learned to handle situations. I gave the advice from past experiences. I have had situations where people, not other magicians, thought that they were King **** and slapped cards...
  6. Mitch.Conroy

    Problem at School

    I'm sorry, but that statement is just plain wrong. Some people just do not get the message or misinterpret the message and that makes things worse. There is nothing to misinterpret with a fist. Now, I am not saying to go on a fighting rampage. I am saying that he should continue with what he...
  7. Mitch.Conroy

    Problem at School

    I never had a problem with this. I mean I had people challenge me in school with this sort of thing before but, here's my advice. Trust me, just let it go. Just keep doing your thing. Dedication can out fear anyone like him. Don't let his ego-inflated bulls*%t get to you. And if he tries to...
  8. Mitch.Conroy

    Has anyone noticed...?

    Just wondering, how much darker is it to the other side? I didn't buy the Centurions, but I'll check my old decks of Guardians. I mean, if it is not too too bad, just leave the darker side faced up so you know what the top card is. Or vice versa, keep it faced down so no one can see the...
  9. Mitch.Conroy

    Daniel Garcia "Next" Notes

    Hey, Yeah, "Next" Notes are well worth the money. has it for cheap too. Only concern that I had was that it was a little hard to follow Daniel's writing, but you get the hang of it after looking at the pictures and reading the text about a hundred times. Hope this helps, Mitch.Conroy
  10. Mitch.Conroy

    Utility Moves?

    The only reason I would not classify it as a utility move because a) it does not accomplish a certain goal in an effect and b) the move is done in secret or deceptively. But that's my thinking. Mitch.Conroy
  11. Mitch.Conroy

    Danny Garcia's nunchuck skills, legos, pogs, or ninja related activities.

    I'm sorry for continuing this and report me if you want. If members are not allowed to bump threads then why do people get angry when people start similar threads? I always hear, "Use the search bar." Well, what if they had a response and wanted to contribute to an old thread? Is that not...
  12. Mitch.Conroy

    Utility Moves?

    Is it me or do you think that this would be an awesome Cerca Trova topic? In my opinion, I would define a utility move as a move or set of moves that are used to obtain a goal in an effect. To clear up that statement. I don't mean, "I want to do a sandwich effect. This is the moves I do." I...
  13. Mitch.Conroy

    Approaching People?

    Definitely the way to go. As long as the fellow magician isn't broadly announcing his/her dialog which would make it seem obvious. And if that doesn't work, that's why they make Fire Wallets. Quick Story involving a fire wallet: I was at a Bob Little Convention earlier this year and a couple...
  14. Mitch.Conroy

    Openers And Closers

    Hey Guys, For an opener, I usually do Danny Garcia's Satisfaction Guaranteed. It's visual and grabs attention. For a closer, depending on the audience, it is either Hoffzy Osbourne by D&D or Life by DG or Haunted Deck or Stigmata or My PK Touches Routine. Hey it's good to have options...
  15. Mitch.Conroy

    The Wire - What is It?

    All that build up for a 30 second clip then me dukeing my pants because those things always get me. :p Mitch.Conroy
  16. Mitch.Conroy

    The Wire - What is It?

    Just saying that if you guys would like to continue this topic instead of moving on what your thoughts were. No harm, No foul. Mitch.Conroy
  17. Mitch.Conroy

    The Wire - What is It?

    It was meant to mean can we move on, please? But if not, what are your thoughts on this? Mitch.Conroy
  18. Mitch.Conroy

    Why aren't there any negative reviews on Ellusionist?

    Hey Guys, Now I just wanted to throw my ideas out. I have read a lot in this thread and yes, most of your opinions make sense. I kind of blanked out on the piracy thing cause that was an unnecessary topic in this thread. I have posted...
  19. Mitch.Conroy

    The Wire - What is It?

    Makes sense. If it is that, it would be nice if it had different areas in magic. (Podcasts for workers in magic, cardistry, coins) Like how the forums were set. But enough dreaming, back to magic. Mitch.Conroy
  20. Mitch.Conroy

    SAW substitutes

    PM ed you about this. Peace, Mitch.Conroy
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