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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. MalibuARMY

    Hilarious Deck Spoof I love it.
  2. MalibuARMY

    Hilarious Magic Review-Wizard Product Review Hey I love to watch the Wizard Product Review and this episode is without a doubt my favorite. You might like it too. It's just that bad.
  3. MalibuARMY

    Schoolcraft at Magic-con 2012

    Heya, I was wondering if anyone knew if Schoolcraft will be coming to Magic-con this year. I've been saving up to get a deans set and everyone says it is best to buy in person to be sure everything is right with the coins. I think Jamie was at the last magic-con but I'm not sure. I'm sure...
  4. MalibuARMY

    Close up competitions for teens

    Well the title says it. Does anyone know of some good ones that I could check out?
  5. MalibuARMY

    Magic Castle Junior Auditions This Saturday

    Hey gang it's been a while since I've been on but things have been crazy. I haven't really been on since July of LAST YEAR. Future Stars Week went by in a flash but it was great fun performing at night. I tell you, inebriated spectators can be the best kind. After that came the biggest burn out...
  6. MalibuARMY

    That Can't Be Max Maven… If it is I think he let himself go. :P
  7. MalibuARMY

    Rhyming with Magic Presentations

    Hey, I love to tell stories with my magic and so I've been watching a lot of Barry & Stuarts magic. I love how they tell stories with their magic but also how they also rhyme with their presentations. How Barry does magic and Stuart narrates in rhyme. Does anyone else know of any magicians that...
  8. MalibuARMY

    Bunny Magic XD

    Heya, I am gonna get a bunny! I just want another buddy around, not that I dislike my wiener dog but I want a bunny like crazy. Parents said yes and so I'm goin' to the pet store tomorrow hopefully. Was wondering what magic I might be able to use it in. Don't say pull it out of a hat…...
  9. MalibuARMY

    Another Quote

    "Be whoever you are extremely loud. Be completely fearless when you do it. That's the big thing. Just be a fearless, fearless person; fearless artist; fearless accountant; whatever you want to be." –Gerard Way Though this quote isn't really pertained to magic as it is to being a person in...
  10. MalibuARMY

    Pikachu Post: No Where To Go This is basically my whole last week in a nutshell. I feel like I am going to explode.
  11. MalibuARMY

    If you aren't remembered, you are just empty space

    Heya guys, I just posted a new topic on my blog. Please check it out. This one is very serious to me and I wonder if anyone else agrees, this one isn't just a casual topic. –Anna
  12. MalibuARMY

    Houdini Exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center in L.A.

    Heya, Anna here. I am just about to walk out of the house for a strolling magic gig at the Skirball Cultural Center. They are having a Houdini Exhibit as well as a tribute to other Jewish magicians there and myself along with a few of the other selected Magic Castle performers will be doing...
  13. MalibuARMY

    Guess Who Got Glasses!

    Heya everybody, I got glasses and I'm wondering, NOW WHAT? I've seen countless magicians perform with glasses but I'm wondering SHOULD I? I mean they look cool n' all but is it better as a performer to wear glasses or not? I can see fine without them but I have an astigmatatatism whatever...
  14. MalibuARMY

    I JUST BARFED and I got a gig at the Magic Castle

    I am going and doing the gig. I'm not going to cancel the morning of. Just wondering if anyones got some advice, I am working on not freaking out.
  15. MalibuARMY

    Best Quote EVER

    Okay, here is is. "Stop kissing doves and blowing on stuff!" –Robert Dorian I think he is on to something.
  16. MalibuARMY

    Pikachu Post: Who sent me this!

    I just had the weirdest moment ever.
  17. MalibuARMY

    Pikachu Post: Magic Saved Me

    Heya, I just posted a new little story about myself in magic and how it changed me. In a way it saved me from myself. Here's the link: THE BIG THING HERE IS: I want to hear if anyone else has a story like this. Magic has made me so more open and...
  18. MalibuARMY

    A little story of how practice makes perfect... I put the story up on my tumblr. Mainly because I don't wanna curse on t11 every 3 seconds because I have Gerard Way's mouth. I think you'll like the story very much, tell me if you feel the same way or rate me on a scale of 1 to 100 of how crazy I am...
  19. MalibuARMY

    Free anaconda dvd and prize package by the virts

    Heya guys, You want a Free prize package from the Virts which includes a FREE Anaconda DVD, Free Eye Cut download and much more? IT IS EASIER THAN EVER Just pledge to help save Japan. All the information is right here: Please help...
  20. MalibuARMY

    NEW Arrcos

    Heya, I am in love with the Arrco playing cards at the moment. And I know that they haven't made any new decks in the past 5 years but is there a new version of Arrco's like the knock of brand of Jerry's Nuggets? I heard something like that while I was at Magic-Con and was wondering if it was...
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