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  1. MagicLemonBird

    My summer!? or at least a video of my birthday Still going strong ha. Its not a magic video or a cardistry video, but a fun video to show you guys what I'm doing.
  2. MagicLemonBird

    ideAs A new video! :D Can you guys subscribe to my new channel? Thanks EDIT: lol can you guys comment =P if you have any.....comments?
  3. MagicLemonBird

    Where to get Bee Wynns

    Yup, I've searched all over for a site that sells Wynns. (excluding and except ebay because I want to buy a brick). Does anyone know a website which sells wynns (blue/red)? I heard kardwell except they don't seem to have wynns, only diamondbacks. Thanks guys.
  4. MagicLemonBird

    Don't buy the new standard bikes

    Oh my goodness I'm so disappointed in Bicycle and there new design. I'm not sure when they updated it but I just bought myself a brick at Costco yesterday and they've made some significant (for the worse) changes. The....... Pips and smaller Ink isn't bold Face cards are smaller...
  5. MagicLemonBird

    In the futurrrrrrrrrre

    Hey guys, how's it going I'm back :D (although you've probably noticed me roaming around the forums for a week)
  6. MagicLemonBird

    X Cut- Tutorial

    Here you go guys =), for all the beginners out there
  7. MagicLemonBird

    mocking bird #1 week

    Constructive Criticism? Thanks guys!
  8. MagicLemonBird

    Poll: What cards?

    I'm having a hard time deciding what cards are the best quality I've bought no packs of any of the decks. And, I want to know which deck has great stock and finish. -Thanks!
  9. MagicLemonBird

    Flourishing/Cardistry/XCMing Battle

    What the title says. Anyone is welcome to battle me. How about..... a JUST cuts battle?
  10. MagicLemonBird


    I choooooooooose RDCHOOPER!!!!!!!! Ha but if he doesn't respond that I'll be glad to battle anyone.
  11. MagicLemonBird

    Anybody up for an XCM battle?

    Hey, who wants to battle? The rules for the XCM battle would be 1) No longer than 2 minutes 2) Uncut performance 3) Use any deck of choice 4) The video has to include fans, cuts, and spreads.
  12. MagicLemonBird

    Interview Suggestions for .TheCuso

    Hey guys :D I asked Mr. Alejandro Portela if it was okay to post a thread here for suggestions for future interviews. (Alejandro is the creator of his blog .TheCuso just incase you don't know). Here's his blog: Here's his youtube account...
  13. MagicLemonBird

    Triad/Triangle Cut Tutorial by MLB

    HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! Credits go to Jaspas!!!:D As I forgot to mention. EDIT: And I believe Jamal told me that credits are to De'vo as well.
  14. MagicLemonBird

    Tornado Cut?

    Where can I learn the tornado cut? I know that TheVirts made 5 tips on the tornado cut in their new video, but they don't explain how to do it. Do you guys know of any tutorials? Thanks.:D
  15. MagicLemonBird

    Theory11 Collaboration

    On UnitedCardists Cemister brought up a great idea. To do kickass like videos like what Handlordz does. I then thought about theory11, we could do the same here at the cardistry section. Every month, there would be submissions to the cardistry section and then we would piece all of the best...
  16. MagicLemonBird


    I'm suprised there's no thread on this. It's a new cardistry website, it's really awesome!!! Since decknique is closing down, UnitedCardists was made for that reason. It's a really great site, if your a cardist, xcm, flourisher... whatever you want to call your card manipulation. Sam Rochon...
  17. MagicLemonBird


    Hey guys, I'm graduating tomarrow from Middle School , and I'm probably going to be making a cardistry video as well. Wish me luck that I don't trip over the stairs! Or fall down the stage. Can't wait! I'm going to be bringing my cards with me and hopefully my sister (if in the right...
  18. MagicLemonBird

    World Records? Card Stunts

    I'm curious if they're are any world records such as 1) Longest Anaconda Dribble 2) Most Charlier Cuts in 10 seconds 3) Largest display and so on.....
  19. MagicLemonBird

    It's Reality for ya...

    Hey guys, a few days ago I thought I was a well seasoned flourisher. But yesterday I found out that I know nothing of flourishing. Having trilogy and learning pandora doesn't help you at all in flourishing skills. It's not useful at all and I'm suprised I did not realize this earlier. So, I...
  20. MagicLemonBird

    Red Tally-Ho Fan Back from T11

    Alright, so my brick of Tallys arrived! I will be grading the cards on 3 categories 1) Finish 2) Design 3) Overall Feel Finish: Tallys Ho's have a Linoid Finish and is made by the USPC in Ohio. The finish is way better than the standard bicycle air-flow finish in my opinion. These are...
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