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    Hey T11, This is the first time I've been on T11 in... let's say, a couple of months? I've recently been working (non-magic related), in the beginning to gain more money for magic things.. books and such. But because of this, I was lead away from magic for a short while. Looking around my...
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    No threads, magnets, or wires of any sort.

    Check out my new video (youtube BUTCHERS quality... sorry!) Enjoy and subscribe for more.
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    "This is the FIVE ahead principle."

    SO. The past month has been an incredible month for moi. To begin, I had a great time at the local magic shop's huge, huge sale (in Toronto if anybody is wondering where.) I picked up things like, an entire bag of thumbtips of all sizes and qualities, for a dollar. I also got the entire...
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    The Magician and the Cardsharp

    Hey T11, Reuben here. I'm on a library computer right now...because I'm at a library. I picked up a great book called "The Magician and the Cardsharp" By Karl Johnson. I've heard ofit before but never picked it up until now. The book is from what I've been told based on a true story, but...
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    I'm really not sure if a thread's been made for this, but if it has, A REMINDER! Arrcos, Squeezers, Steamboats, gaffed Bikes and apparently TallyHo's will soon be discontinued. Petition against it HERE!
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    A Great Experience in Pizza Pizza

    A complete eye opener for me today. I was at Pizza Pizza with some girls and a friend, Michael Kras if you know of him! There was a guy there, somebody we know, who generally asks for magic but isn't much impressed. I thought I had to absolutely stun him with something short, sweet, and jaw...
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    Expert at the Card Table

    Hey T11, I have a magician friend in Europe (I'm in Canada) who has, for some absolutely odd reason, has NOT READ ERDNASE! Didn't know what a second deal was. He does parlour stuff all over Ireland though, and is an INCREDIBLE perfomer. So instead of sending him an Expert book the next time...
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    Can anybody tell me what this is called?

    Hey guys, it's Reuben here. I always use this little set up for a control, but don't know what it's called. I'm pretty sure I learned it from a Bruce Cervon DVD if I`m not mistaken. Basically, with their card on the lower packet in the left hand and you holding the top packet i nyour right...
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    Have you ever come across somebody you know, that has a very strong, general interest in magic? It's not a, "Man I want to get the ladies and freak my friends out" kind of interest, but a genuine interest for the art. Somebody I know, who's in his 20's (Michael Kras also knows who I'm...
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    Jason England Workshop!

    Hey eveyrbody!~ I was one of the lucky few of a bout 14 or 15 people who was personally invited to a Jason England workshop in Toronto, at friend's house. Let me just tell you. I literally, LITERALLY, teared up when I saw him second deal. And bottom. And push-through shuffle with the smallest...
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    Here's something I just posted on another forum and thought you guys might want to hear it! Something that's been on my mind for a while, and though hard for me to put into words, I tried. Here: I believe that there are a lot of things in magic we in a way, "take for granted." By this, I...
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    Help this poor boy.

    This is a video I came across when I was searching youtube. First of all, he's malnutritioned. We need to set-up a fund for this poor boy to get him sme food pronto. Second, count the flashes-- the prize ofknowing you're the best to the person with the right answer. [EDITED - Exposure] THIS...
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    What do you guys think?

    Hey T11, just asking what you guys think of a new video my friend put up. Some absolute horrid magic in it, but a couple cool things, along with a theory11-esque video. Tell me what you think!
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    The Cyndi Levitation

    Hey Theory11, I haven't been on here much but am planning to in the future! I've just created something and am asking for opinions. No magnets, thread wire, etc. Tell me what you think! PS. It's name after my mom, she wanted credit because she...
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