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  1. Robert//Livingston

    Suspended Strait Jacket Escape -- Performance

    Hey everyone, I know I haven't been very active in the forums lately, I've been trying to get out and perform more without having to worry about what the 'Next Best Thing' or being tempted to try other things that what I was working on at the time. On November 14th 2011 I performed the...
  2. Robert//Livingston

    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    Top - Ten of Hearts Bottom - Two of Spades
  3. Robert//Livingston

    Celebrity Match - Thank you so much guys!

    Also, Nathaniel, he didn't ask if you knew what 'Mentalism' was. You should re-read his post. He clearly states, "do you know the difference between mentalism and mental magic?" So I don't think you handled your response well, take off your angry pants and cool off.
  4. Robert//Livingston

    Celebrity Match - Thank you so much guys!

    Lyle, First off, the trick is really nice. I've bought it, and have fried a few people as well. Is it REALLY a worker though? Would you put this in your walk-around set where people could watch you perform it 2 or 3 times? For me, the word 'worker' means instant reset, can be performed for...
  5. Robert//Livingston

    Gambling sleights
  6. Robert//Livingston

    Ambitious card routine

    Be more gentle and add more finesse to the 'Miracle Move'. :P You whip it out so fast that there is no illusion to it at all.
  7. Robert//Livingston

    The Best Closer?

    Multiple card location with as many people as you can, then give the deck away.
  8. Robert//Livingston

    Suggestions For Street Magic Card Routine

    If you want a great presentation of the ACR check out Gregory Wilson's 'Point Blank' It's an ACR with blank cards (back and front). It's a great routine, and pretty amazing. Also you get to give away a fused *miracle* at the end.
  9. Robert//Livingston

    The Magic Place...

    Hey all, Check this out - Thoughts?
  10. Robert//Livingston

    Sponge Ball Magic

    Don't just limit yourself to kids... Adults die over spongeballs.
  11. Robert//Livingston

    Suggestions For Street Magic Card Routine

    Any inversion routine (Chris Kenner's 'Perversion' is great') Wayne Houchin's DVD 'The Art of Magic' has French Kiss and Carbon Paper AND twisting the aces. The Invisible Deck Any memorized stack effects. That's some starters for you to check out.
  12. Robert//Livingston

    I need a little help

    Here's a quote from Tommy Wonders' book "Books of Wonder Vol. 1" "It is imperative ten that we gain confidence in our work. The best and probably the only way to gain this confidence is by working constantly. In the forge of frequent performance, all doubts we harbor about ourselves and our...
  13. Robert//Livingston

    Ace Assembly for my friend.

    Can you please tell me how my DL looks 'obvious'? Because I don't see it... Also, thanks to everyone for the thoughts.
  14. Robert//Livingston

    Ace Assembly for my friend.

    Thanks guys, Rick - Usually that is the spectators hand. I didn't have a spectator so I used the card box instead. After they see each ace go one by one, this makes the last ace 'harder to go'. Plus it makes the magic happen under their hand. But yes, I see what you're saying. Also, I probably...
  15. Robert//Livingston

    Ace Assembly for my friend.

    Here you go guys, Like the title says, it's an ace assembly. If you don't like these, you probably won't like this video. Would love some criticism though. -Robert
  16. Robert//Livingston

    French Drop: Out-Dated, or "That new thing"

    Also, Homer Liwag shows a GREAT F.D in his 1 on 1.
  17. Robert//Livingston

    French Drop: Out-Dated, or "That new thing"

    I love using it as a Shuttle Pass personally. I never use it as a vanish.
  18. Robert//Livingston

    TOPSY-Turvy in 'Royal Road" This is a performance not any exposure. But you it should be able to answer any questions. Also, you can PM me if you like.
  19. Robert//Livingston

    Acta Deceptio: When Were You Last Fooled?

    Gregory Wilson fooled me all night at his lecture. Brilliant man.
  20. Robert//Livingston

    Small little video I made on my MacBook

    I love my Mac haha. You can do the card switch live if you're sitting down at a table across from your audience. But I mostly did it for the camera just playing around. I don't understand the last part. Are you talking about the production of the aces?
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