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    Showmanship Forum

    Could replace the "arena" i think its called, with this, havent seen a post on there in quite some time and i feel this would be used quite alot to.
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    tricks for big audiences

    Also gonna throw in what type of style do you typically perform with? e.g funny, mysterious, scary. Cos thats gonna affect the type of tricks you'll be able to perform and how you can perform them
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    How did Criss Angel walk on water?

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    True, but in this case since its flicker and its a free move i think you could do it roughly but maybe link the virts tutorial. i dunno really
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 awards

    Dan Sperry Mathieu Bich Zach Mueller
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    Fontaine or Scarlet Utility?

    Im trying to work out if that was sarcasm or not... cos if it wasnt, then you have a very warped perspective of easy to master, or your card handling ability is that of the devil.
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    Advice for a Magic Castle Audition.

    I think i wouldve fainted to be honest
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    Double Backer Storage

    i somehow managed to lose a deck of bikes and keep the deck along time ago so i just decided to take all my double backers and make a deck out of it :D
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    Skeptic silencer by Orbit Brown. that is all i have to say
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    5 Ways You're Boring Your Audience to Tears

    If you've just gotten into magic (or havent been performing enough to work this stuff out on your own) this is for you.
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    America's Got Talent suggestions

    Bit harsh :D yeah id say ring in walnut cos its mindblowing and you can be really funny with it too
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    This will make you doubt your brain.

    Yeah this wasnt a secret
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    Close-up pad!

    Would the nice lad be kind enough to sell :D kidding, but he could drive everyone out of buisness if he sold them for even $50 :D
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    Camera question?

    Listen to this guy
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    Luxon Magic?

    Ive never heard of them before now but they seem pretty legit, not many artists though so id guess they're quite new
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    She Was Like.. And Then I Was Like...

    To be honest i wouldve just started laughing like an idiot :D nah i dunno, wouldve just said she heard the whispers in her head and that i didnt say anything.
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    Card controls

    If you want clean then a pinky break and table cut, done and dusted :D but i like the fun and hard ones so bombastic by Zach Mueller's my favourite to do along with a bunch from control by Ollie Mealing and a bunch that i like to come up with
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    Genesis V1 vs Encyclopedia of Card Flourishes?

    Having owned neither this isnt very reliable so dont base your whole decision on this but i know genesis v1 teaches you the roots but the encyclopedia teaches all the awesome moves that from what i know are harder, cooler, weirder and more creative but not for beginners, so if you dont know...
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    T11 on Seinfeld

    We know your secret old lady...
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    Smoke Vs Regeneration

    Whatever suits your style, if this was me i would definately get smoke :D
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