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  1. Joey144

    Riffle stacking

    Hi, some recent work on riffle stacking, including drills and close up shots:
  2. Joey144

    Combining GSOH Concepts

    Hey, here I combined different concepts taught in GSOH (Steve Forte) into a single shuffling sequence. I really like how the different ideas work together.
  3. Joey144

    Help with the F-Strip

    Hey, the F-strip (see Gambling Sleight of Hand - Steve Forte) is a move that I use quite often in my videos. Hence, I regularly receive questions about it. Most often these questions are about finger positioning or on the timing of the square up. Therefore, I decided to film the move close up...
  4. Joey144

    Recent GSOH demos

    Although I'm a bit out of shape, here is a demo of the BD drill that I typically use in a practice session.
  5. Joey144

    Recent GSOH demos

    Gabriel, I don't think I'm an expert Bottom Dealer but since you asked for my opinion, here is it: You're obviously struggeling with extracting the bottom card. There can be several different reasons for that but I assume it is a combination of a lack of (proper) practice and issues of the...
  6. Joey144

    Recent GSOH demos

    Hey guys, here are some recent demos of GSOH moves: (Extending "riffling down twice" to "riffling down thrice") (An alternative to splitting the aces) (Mixing a few top...
  7. Joey144

    Gambling Sleight of Hand

    Hi there, A few of you have probably bought Steve Fortes new book(s) "Gambling Sleight of Hand". Since I enjoy the subject so much, I have posted a few clips of moves and concepts taught in Vol. 1 or that are derived from material that is presented in there. I thought you might enjoy these...
  8. Joey144

    Dealing seconds....

    A few words up front: False deals really depend a lot on the size and proportions of your hands and fingers. Additionally, it makes a big difference which kind of cards you are using (brand as well as condition of the cards). These are all pretty uncertain factors which is why it is difficult...
  9. Joey144

    Tips to improve your riffle stacking

    Hi, two tips that I think will help to improve your riffle stacking once you learned to hold back a certain amount of cards with each thumb: Joey
  10. Joey144

    Push off second deal

    That is Grant Carden and not the Buck twins. For both. In my opinion a Push Off is always more convincing.
  11. Joey144

    Push off second deal

    The advantage is that a strike second deal does not look natural.
  12. Joey144

    Riffle Stacking

    Hey, An update on my riffle stacking: Full sequence in a RRSRC style. Joey
  13. Joey144

    Table Riffle Shuffle Work

    Hey, a selection of my recent clips demonstrating different tabled riffle shuffle techniques: Bottom stock control: Top stock control #1: Top stock control #2 (Stevens control)...
  14. Joey144

    Mechanics Grip Bottom Deal

    Hey, me demonstrating the mechanics grip bottom deal: Joey
  15. Joey144

    Bottom Deal Demo

    Thank you! Glad you like it. I use the a Strike Bottom Deal from a modified Erdnase Grip, by Jason England referred to as the Gene Maze grip. I've worked on my bottom deal for quite some years now. It is not an easy technique so you should not worry if you're still having difficulties pulling...
  16. Joey144

    Bottom Deal Demo

    Hey, Here is a bottom dealing demo: I rarely see demos like this where the bottoms are actually sailed. In my opinion this is a lot more difficult to do since if you have a break in the rhythm it is easy to see. Whats your opinion? Do you practice...
  17. Joey144

    Full deck control via push through shuffle

    Hey, some recent videos of me doing the push through shuffle, covering different aspects. Riffle-Riffle-Strip-Riffle-Cut Shuffling Procedure: My attempt at trying to show the shuffle from all possible angles:
  18. Joey144

    Collection of Gambling Moves

    Thank you! I'm glad I could inspire you.
  19. Joey144

    Collection of Gambling Moves

    Thank you Mr_ARPY and Gabriel Z! Don't mind it at all.
  20. Joey144

    Collection of Gambling Moves

    Hi, a collection of various gambling moves for you: Push Through Shuffle: Second Deal: Third Deal: Bottom Deal...
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