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  1. Faust

    Is The Expert at The Card Table really all that?

    I agree with you that Madison is probably better than Erdnase. It's for that exact reason that I was let down by Erdnase x Madison. Instead of doing yet another annotated copy of Expert at the Card Table, Madison should've published something along the lines of "Master at the Card Table" or...
  2. Faust

    New opener

    Have you considered a torn and restored newspaper? It's quick, easy, visual, and with all the political discourse right now over "fake news" it would be easy to come up with a topical patter... All over the world people are concerned with what is real and what is false- truth and lie- genuine...
  3. Faust

    Saturday Night Contest - Style Shot

    My submission. I may not win, but my wife and I definitely had fun making it. Good luck everyone!
  4. Faust

    Move Monkeys Wanted

    Dang... them moves are cleaner than Mr. Clean cleaning with bleach. You've clearly been practicing during your time away. I want to see your classic pass, though. I bet it's killer.
  5. Faust

    center tear ideas

    A new plot idea that I came up with is instead of a name or a word being written down I have them write down a negative emotion that they have been dealing with lately. I tell them to be specific like envy or grief. I tell them to bury that emotion by folding up the paper, imagining its...
  6. Faust

    What are your opener effects?

    It sounds like you're going to be doing casual/street/walk-up magic for your friends and family. If you'll be doing a card routine go with the Chicago opener. It's a perfect one-two punch that gets everyone watching, and easily moves into your next trick. If it's coins simply do your best...
  7. Faust

    How many decks do you have?

    I thought I was bad. You all have way more than I ever dreamed about having. I am selling all my stuff though. I have no desire to be a working magician anymore, and I am just going to be "that guy that does tricks sometimes". Ever think that cards are just a crutch? Ever think you have too...
  8. Faust

    I'm writing a book

    So whats the book about beside card counting?
  9. Faust

    Book Test

    I love book tests. They are one of my favorite things to perform. I never found a "out of the book" book test, I had to combine elements from a bunch of different ones to find one that suit me. I don't know if your luck will be the same but its something to think about.
  10. Faust

    Need a camera.

    Get a Flip video. Any of them. I have had mine for almost 2 years now and I have taken it everywhere and it still works wonderfully and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. You wont regret it.
  11. Faust

    Pity Magic Isn't as Easy as Music

    True but as the famous quote says, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society." When I look at music today, it makes me not want to be a famous musician, cause that would pretty much mean I am generic and crappy.
  12. Faust

    Something came over me...

    That is really good. What is even more important is that in the times when you get sick of it, and you will get sick of it, that you come right back to that moment and pick the cards back up again. I hope you do. Because after than you will be stronger than ever.
  13. Faust

    Tally-Ho : Tinychat

    let the record show that I, Faust, the legend, was in the tally-ho chat room. Will be back.
  14. Faust

    Thoughts on Little Man by Paul Harris?

    oh man, could you imagine a voodoo routine with a psychic touch added in. That would be insane. I wish I had 300 to drop on this.
  15. Faust

    Dealing with Hecklers - Have we been wrong?

    Ignore them. If they persist, finish the trick and move on. Whether you are getting paid or not, move on. You can not perform for someone who is trying to perform. I find this to be a biggest problem among hecklers is that you are stealing their role as the "funny person" of the group, and so...
  16. Faust

    Going well, I have not been as active on the forums because I went off to University and had to...

    Going well, I have not been as active on the forums because I went off to University and had to concentrate on studies, and also I kinda got fed up with some of the childish behavior of some...but i still come here to check out new stuff and maybe read a few posts by some members...hows it going...
  17. Faust

    Raven Blaine (David Blaine's brother)

    visualartist is this you? for some reason I wanna say its you. anyways I loved the "Look watch look watch watch look watch" I have always poked fun at this about DB but no one ever seems to get the joke.
  18. Faust

    Idea for a New Trick Deck

    Theres the mind power deck, which is very close to this. Its advantage is that they can look and pick a card out of the spread just in their minds. It is a pretty good idea, but I like the mind power deck better.
  19. Faust

    Someone's using the "what is theory11" hype machine...

    Good question. Who is the Drizzle? (please someone get this)
  20. Faust

    Magic Birthdays

    well I am a college guy sooooo the ideal birthday is... Eat Steak. Get Buzzed. Party. Repeat as needed.
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