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  1. Strikerche

    Playing card photography

    Hey guys ! I've started 365 day challenge for shooting photos with at least 1 playing card in it. I am day #9 so far, if you want to see the pictures you can check them on my--> Instagram and if you want, you can give me an ideas for creative photos for the next days and I'll do my best to make...
  2. Strikerche

    Wizard Wars stream

    So for international viewers how can we watch the TV series live when they launch tomorrow ? Is there some kind of live streaming or we have to wait until they come out ?
  3. Strikerche


    Hello ! I ordered vapr from you guys. The first day everything was fine. Today i used it and change one cartrige. But used it 5,6 times more and then it stopped producing smoke. I recharged it and it prodused agian. Now i have the same problem, this time tried to charge it, change the cartrige...
  4. Strikerche

    Similar books or dvd's

    I bought Faith Healer by Luke Jermay a while ago and I was just astonished with the presentation of the tricks that Luke uses, especially for the first effect. I mean its just a simple coin bend, but with the presentation he makes around it, it just seems real. While I was reading the...
  5. Strikerche

    Problem with the stretch cut

    When I do the stretch cut I have this problem : If I try to bring the top pack to the bottom, it works perfectly. But the moment I try to cut the bottom to the top with my thumb I fail miserably. Can someone explain to me why is this happening, does someone have the same problem and how do I fix...
  6. Strikerche

    The Magic Circle

    Hey guys ! Can you tell me what exactly is the magic circle ? I don't know much about it . I heard that its like some king of a magic college, where you can have proper education. Can you give me more information please ?
  7. Strikerche

    New Year Magic

    So what will you guys perform on the new year's night ? And I want to wish you happy new year !
  8. Strikerche

    Mobile version

    I see you guys are working on the mobile version on the site. My question is, are you planning on making a mobile version for the forum, or an app?
  9. Strikerche

    Uncut sheets. What are they used for?

    So for what are the uncut sheets used for and why are they so expencive. I dont see logic in this and I think its pointless , or at least i think it's pointless because I dont know what are they used for
  10. Strikerche

    Best magic tricks of 2014

    Which magic tricks do you think are the best for 2014 . Write down your top 5 impromptu , top 5 gimmicks and top 5 most visual.
  11. Strikerche

    Magic movies ?

    How many good movies about magic do you guys know ? It can be something like The Prestige or The Illusionist. Or it can be for a card cheat, like "Shade" or "Rounders". So what movies have you guys watched ? And by the way is there a movie for cardistry ? :D
  12. Strikerche

    When a cardist gets rid of the beginner title ?

    My question is what is required to do or create or learn to get rid of the beginner title ? I mean.. if I learn solo by MJ and some other fluorishes am I still a beginner ?
  13. Strikerche

    theory11 mobile version ?

    Ok, so when I was watching expose-objects in motion, I saw theory11's site on mobile version . Is it available for normal users , is it an app , and how can we use it ? Because I dont spend much time on the computer and I watch everything and do everything from my iphone. It will be a lot more...
  14. Strikerche

    Presentation Lectures

    Hey guys , where can I find lectures for presentation . How to present different tricks , how to act etc.
  15. Strikerche

    How do you answer the question "Do it agian" ?

    How do you answer the question "Do it agian" ?
  16. Strikerche

    Water to Coca-Cola transformation

    Justin Flom and Stuard Edge has put a youtube video's where they perform magic for real people. The one that fooled me entirely was the Coke transformation. (1:20 into the...
  17. Strikerche

    Street Magic Tips

    How do you get tips when you perform street magic without having a hat on the ground ? What do you say to the spectators ?
  18. Strikerche

    Smoke and Mirrors VS Virtuoso Decks

    Which deck would you guys prefer ? the Smoke and Mirrors series or the Virtuoso decks ?
  19. Strikerche

    Elite Archive

    I have a question for the purchases with elite points . When I purchase a product from the archive do I have to pay the shipping ?
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