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    Charity: Water project

    I would be happy if you took a look at this project: I have created it myself, it might be stupid - however I am doing what I can. What do you think of the project? I would be happy for some tips.
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    Hi all! Need some book advice! I have been reading ''The Royal Road To Card Magic'', and now I want to look into some other books. Tomorrow I'll be able to go to the swedish magic library - and I was hoping to pick something up. What do you think I should look into? I realize that this is a...
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    Timing with the palm

    ''Timing with palming''. Poetic? Nah. I have during about 6-8 months been working on palming. I do the single card palm described in RRTCM - and one slight variation of the Joe Berg palm. What I would like to get is feedback and tips on timing with palming. The timing falls within how you've...
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    What do you think of the routine?

    Hi Theory11! A couple of months ago I made another thread just like this - and I asked for critique. I realized that the way I had filmed the routine was bad - I did not have any audio of me speaking because I thought it would be useless since my patter is in swedish. But, this time I've...
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    Youtube Revealer

    GUYS! There is a guy that has started to reveal effects, and as it seems, on a regular basis. I know this happens a lot but this makes me especially mad since no one seems to care. IS THERE ANY WAY that I can stop this dude? He's name is ''[edited by moderator]''. I guess that if everyone went...
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    Account settings

    I have had this problem before, and then it was after purchasing a download from the wire. If I click on Account, and then on settings, I get to this page where it wants me to change password and update my email. It also comes up directly after I have purchased something from the wire. The...
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    Card Routine

    Hey guys! I have been working on a little routine, would be glad if you could give me some feedback. The video quality is not great, and im sorry for that. Anyways, here it is: Thanks!
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    Close up magic

    I have during about six months practiced the top palm and by now I have it down pretty good. I have gotten more and more into close up magic, and now that im trying to incorporate palms into it I have some trubble. What is the ideal position for your hand to be in? How should I have it...
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    Stuck in a Car with Four French People

    Hi guys! I just want to recommend this amazing E-book that Biz just released. It has tons of great and fun to play around with material. Download it, you won't be sorry. (Download only available THIS WEEK)
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    Exposure, what is it? Basically what exposure is, is something that is being revealed. That something can be many things, but since this is concerning magic, that's what ill stick to. Exposure is, as we all know, something bad. That we have known since kindergarden. But there are different kinds...
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    B'stard hard moves made easy

    I have been wanting to learn Lennart Greens top shot move for a while, and since I don't feel ready for the whole dvd set, I looked up ''Bastard hard moves made easy'' by Ian Kendall. He has gotten permission from Lennart to teach this. Have anyone bought it, if so, what do you think...
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    Message help

    I was trying to send a private message, so I wrote the message and left the computer. When I came back and looked if I had got an answer, it said I hadn't. I double checked if the message was sent by clicking on ''sent items'', but there it said I hadn't sent any messages at all. At any time. Is...
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    Spelling trick

    Hello fellow theory11'nrs, In Royal Road To Card Magic, there is a trick thaught called ''Gray's Spelling Trick'', (p.63), that im having a slight problem with. At page 64, just under the patter given for the effect, it says ''Turn half left, hold the deck in your left hand, the bottom card...
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    Deck usage

    Hi guys! Recently I got a brick of different cards from theory11. It's been almost two weeks since I got the shipment but I still haven't opened more than two. What do you guys do? Do you have say five or eight decks open that you take turns using, or, do you wear out one deck at a time...
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    Table riffle shuffle

    Hi guys. I need some advice. When I push the two packets together after having riffled them, how do I make it look good? I push just like Grant Carden teaches here:, yet when I do it it just doesnt look good. My fingers look like the...
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    Hello guys! I, just as everyone else, is still trying to figure out ''what I want to be'' in magic. I have been learning different slights and techniques, and right now im learning from ''The royal road to card magic''. I should also say that I don't perform much. At all. I practice alot of...
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    Where to watch?

    Hi guys, I have a huge problem. Where I live (sweden), movies such as ''Now you see me''(and alot of other movies), doesn't release for ages. The premiere date here is in september. So my question to all of you is, do you know any way that I can get to watch it. It isn't on Netflix, and will...
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    Table riffle shuffle

    Hi guys, just a quick question! In The Royal Road To Card Magic, they teach the table riffle grip one way, but many other sources teach it differently. For example, the grip in Dan And Daves tutorial that they have on their site, differs alot from the technique in RRTCM. I know RRTCM is a...
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    Double turnover/double lift

    Hey guys! One thing that has been bugging me is... wait, let me start from the beginning. The difference between a double lift and a double turnover is the fact that you in a double lift take the card up to show it, while you in a double turnover, turn the card over. But in alot of videos...
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    Relearning mechanic's grip?

    Hello, my name is William Karlsson, and I have been doing card magic for about half a year. In the beginning I was a ''youtube'' magician, I would see some cool sleight performed by ex. David blaine, and then search the entire web for a tutorial. And of course, immediately when learned I would...
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