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    My Last Thread Post

    Title says it. My last thread post. I don't know how to start. Maybe I'll start by saying some of your here are selfish when comes to giving advice. It's like you want to revenge to others the hard times that you felt. That may be good so that the magician/mentalist will be better. But in my...
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    How to Mark Blue Bee Cards?

    How to Mark Blue Bee Cards? Thanks!
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    Best Haunted Deck

    What would you reccomend? Thanks!
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    Impression Pad

    What Impression Pad would you reccomend? Thanks!
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    What DVD would you suggest?
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    Free Magic DVDs

    Is it okay to give some of your magic DVDs to your friends and classmates?
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    Best Thumper

    Hello people! I really want to buy a thumper just to able to do this one effect. What's the best thumper? Thanks!
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    When do you throw decks?

    Hello people! I just want to ask when do you throw cards? Thanks!
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    IQ Cue System VS Pro Thumper by Christopher Taylor

    Which is better in your opinion? Thanks!
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    Fanning Powder and Alcohol

    Hello people! I just want to ask some questions. Fanning Powder 1. What is the best fanning powder for Bee playing cards? 2. Is it okay to use fanning powder even if you don't fan and just spread cards the normal way? Alcohol 1. Is alcohol the best thing to put before doing card...
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    How many decks in 1 year?

    Hello! I just want to ask how many decks of cards do you need in a year especially if you perform a signed card 3x a day? Is 30 decks enough? Thanks!
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    Extreme Burn 2.0

    Hello people! I just want to ask some questions. 1. Would it be suspicious to your spectators if every bill is new? 2. Can you really hand out ALL the bills IMMEDIATELY after the change in a NATURAL way? Thanks!
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    Instant Radio - What's the point?

    Hello people! I'm not trying to discourage you from buying this or to perform for those who already have. I just can't see what's the point of performing this.
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    Top Change

    What's a good DVD that teaches the top change? Thanks! Can the top change be done 100 % invisible?
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    Vibrator Device

    Hi! Has there been a vibrator device invented specifically for street performances? Thanks!
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    Titan's Finger

    Does this look realistic in a live performance? Thanks!
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    Help with the ACR

    Hello people! I need your help. My ambitious card is incomplete. I only have 2 phases. What is a good final phase besides the pop up move? I was thinking of buying the Hawk 2.0 but I read many bad reviews. Thanks!
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    Good Opener for the ACR

    What's a good opener for the Ambitious Card other than here then there, 2 card monte, biddle? Thanks!
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    David Blaine DVDs.

    Hello people! I'm planning to buy all David Blaine's DVDs. I already bought his Fearless. What are the titles of his other DVDs because I can't find them? Thanks!
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    Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz

    Is Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz a good book that talks about presentation and showmanship on STREET MAGIC? Thanks!
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