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    What is your favorite deck?

    Hey guys! Lets see what everyone's currently favorite deck is. For example my favorite deck right now is the v6 deck by D&D.
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    Look what appeared at my door today!

    Ok guys. The most amazing thing showed up today at my door. It's an item that is worth it's weight in gold. It is...the awesome new Monarch decks! My brick arrived and they...are...AMAZING!! Few downfalls here and there but they are great cards. Heres a picture I took just for the fun of it...
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    Uncut v6 Sheet

    How much could you sell them for? I'm not planning on selling but just incase I ever need to i'd like to see what someone would be willing to pay.
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    Porper Clip. Black or Blue?

    Ok so i'm in the market for a porper clip and I can't decide on what color to get!! I'm between Black or Blue. Help me please!! It's a tough decision...
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    Losing Control Performance/Practice

    Ok I learned this a few days ago and wanted to get everyone's opinion on how it is. And I know I dont show the card long enough haha
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    Dan and Dave v6 Release Announcement

    D&D just announced that the v6 decks next Friday at 8pm PST. They also announced they will release something every day next week including "If an octopus could Palm" and some "Other gems" so go and check it out!!
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    Vortex Color Change

    Ok guys so I created this in homeroom the other day and am still trying to improve it as I feel somethings missing. So tell me how I could improve it and give me your feedback on it. Also on a side note my presentation is better for spectators it's just unnatural speaking to my computer haha...
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    Classic Pass or Herman Pass?

    Which one is your favorite? Comment below! It can be variations of the passes as well. Mine? My favorite is the Midnight Pass.
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    White Lions!

    Ok so my White Lions decks just arrived today and am totally blown away by the quality of the cards. And the deck box is just gorgeous. So I was wondering what everyone elses opinions are on the deck. My only downside to the deck is the back design. It's sleek and cool however it just hasn't...
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    Happy Birthday Casey!!

    Just thought id create a post to let everyone wish Casey a Happy Birthday! So Casey from the theory11 community we'd like to say Happy Birthday!
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    Deck Design Question

    Ok so im starting to create a deck design and was wondering if anyone had a high quality base picture of a playing card to create my design on top of. Because I want it to look good...
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    Oh no!!!!

    I set down my deck of Red Wynn's to get something to drink and somehow my little brother got the jokers and started bending them!! I tried bending them back but they wont!! I wish I had a card press right now! Anyone know a way I could make a quick card press? to flatten them out?
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    Ok this is really starting to tick me off! My package of cards was shipped on the 1st and then I had 4-7 day delivery and its almost been the full 7 days and the tracking number says its still in Philadelphia! I really want my cards! My Ellusionist package had first class mail as well shipped...
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    Magic Shop Question

    Ok so I live in Denver and no matter how hard I try I can NOT find ANY genuine magic shops! Im looking for a shop that sells cards, books, cups + balls, and all of that good stuff! But none the less I am unable to... So I was just wondering if anyone knew any good magic shops in Denver or just...
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    White Guardians Deck Idea

    In my opinion I think that theory11 should create a "White Guardians" deck just like they created the "White Centurions" deck. I went and got a picture of the Guardians back design and inverted the back in Photoshop CS5 and this was the result: BACKS v1 v2 FACE CARDS (Rough edit) Now give me...
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