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    Vote For Magic Act On Britain's Got Talent!

    Lets get a Magic act to win Britain's Got Talent for a change! Vote For Alfie Whattam On Britains Got Talent!! Voting Is Free!!​BritainsGotTalent Your all wonderful people, Thank-You!
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    Smoke Performance Quick performance of smoke, please dont comment on how bad my coin work is, im working on it. Thanks
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    RubberBand Street Magic Video Let me know what you think? Thanks :)
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    Street Mentalism

    Me reading minds on the street. Let me know what you think! Thanks...
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    Theory12's new DVD (parody)

    Check it out! Me and Theory 12 are making a new DVD!
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    Stage Magic Performance VERY old 'stage' magic video. Please leave feedback on video comments section if you can! Thanks! Let me know what you think!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable :: Andrei Jikh

    Out of every genre of magic related arts, Why choose flourishing? Why does that stand out to you over everything else?
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    Rubber Transposition

    You flash way to much but its still nice.
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    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    DG Projects 4,5,6 Genesis v2 TOOC Wire I need to start saving my money :L
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    Simple yet effective, well done.
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    Magic on Youtube

    I have comedy stuff aswell but look under my playlist 'magic' for my magic things.
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    TOOC and Compression DVD's

    Last I heard about TOOC was a message on a post by Katie Kenner which said Chris is refilming it because hes not happy.
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    Card Storage

    metallic briefcase.
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    Dangerous (Both Disks) Review

    Great review, getting this soon :)
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    Prediction Player Card to Shirt

    The price is rediclious...
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    Building your Best Routine

    Great advice :) I may try this
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    dangerous or trilogy?

    Without a doubt, Dangerous.
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    A story.

    Haha something happened like this to me. Around a month ago I was camping and I vanashed a coin then I always say for a joke now check your back pocket so he did and a coin was there which he must of forgot about... He was shocked.... so was I, I just went along with it :)
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